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Sunday Sevens #3

Welcome to my third Sunday Sevens. Half term is nearly at an end and it has been a real mixed bag of a week, both for events and weather. I think I need to go back to work for a rest!
1) We had a day trip to Whitby in the rain. It was a typically disastrous family day out, with Jess vomiting all over the car on the way there and back (thank goodness she’s rear facing and it wasn’t aimed at me!) She got through all of the changing bag spare clothes so had to go around Whitby in a very mismatched outfit. (Everyone knows the ‘changing bag spares’ are never nice clothes because if you put in a good outfit you leave them in the bag for months and when you come to get them out the kids have outgrown them anyway.) She also got soaked in her new pushchair, aptly named ‘the sun buggy’. Sun shades don’t do anything for rain, lesson learned. I didn’t have enough change for the car park as the machine didn’t like the £1 coin that I had so I had the faff of ringing up to pay over the phone (whilst getting more soaked as I had to read the number off the ticket machine). However, as Dave said, we were all together, even if we resembled drowned rats. We never got as far as the beach!

The waves were a bit wild!


2) Whilst in Whitby we went here  (Humble Pie and Mash Shop) for a change from seaside fish and chips. It was delicious and a really beautiful, cosy little restaurant. Because the food didn’t take long to arrive we didn’t have to do too much crowd control with the children and there were lots of curiosities on the shelves for us to talk about with William. (Jess was too busy shivering from being so wet to care about 400 year old shoe buckles.) The food was delicious and William particularly enjoyed his hot chocolate made ‘properly’ with boiled milk. I had sausage and black pudding pie which was very tasty and Dave had steak and stout pie. It was really good value for money and a welcome retreat from the weather.

3) It’s a good job we went out on Tuesday as on Wednesday my car broke and Dave’s was already off the road. Dave’s has had a whole new front end thanks to a very poor repair job following an accident 8 years ago. It’s a little scary that our car was given back to us in an apparently unsafe condition but at least it’s sorted now. The lack of car meant that Jess and I were at home with no transport (William was at his grandparents being spoiled). We went for a walk in the village and spent some time in the library which was very nice and a bit of a hidden gem. It only opened recently and is run by volunteers. Both of us chose a book to take home and we read a couple there too. We’ll definitely return over the summer, we are really lucky to have that on our doorstep. We then walked to the local DIY shop which I’m sure is based on Narnia. It looks tiny on the outside but it seems to stretch back for miles and they sell everything! I couldn’t find pins (I need some more for blocking crochet) so I asked the chap and they were behind the counter. He tipped a generous amount into a bag and explained they had been in the shop for about 20 years as the previous owner bought too many boxes! I walked out of the shop with a big paper bag full of assorted pins and it cost me a grand total of 50p. I was pretty pleased with that, it should keep me going for a while. Maybe if the car hadn’t broken we wouldn’t have discovered the library or got me a bargain. Every cloud has a silver lining!


4) Remember last week I posted a photo of William’s haphazard butternut squash planting? He obviously did a good job as we have at least 6 seedlings now with more on the way by the look of it. I think he just landed himself the  job of planting all of next year’s seeds at the allotment!


5) My courgettes at the allotment, which the slugs have so far left alone, fingers crossed! (I was really worried that we would return to find just stumps left and slugs the size of elephants taking over the plot.) They were planted on Monday just before the rain began  which means hopefully they have settled in nicely. They are beginning to flower too so we should get a nice little crop in a few weeks.


6) Yesterday the weather perked up a bit in the afternoon so the kids and I indulged in a bit of pot painting whilst Dave got the car sorted. I masked off their initials with craft tape and then let them paint them with poster paints. They chose their own colours and it kept them occupied as they had to do a couple of coats. The sun really helped to dry them off quickly and all I had to do was peel off the craft tape once they were dry. Later today I’m planning on using outdoor Mod Podge to coat them and hopefully they will last us a while.

7) I failed to find anything exciting at the car boot sale for number 7, but here are my ‘unique’ cakes. It was my turn to make the little cakes for Messy Church again and when I began baking at 9pm last night I realised we had no caster sugar. We only had demerara which is ‘a bit chunky’ for cake baking. It was either crunchy cakes or no cakes so I went for it and baked them anyway. They have sultanas and mixed spice in too, and according to Dave they tasted very nice (he just likes any cake so I tried one too, they were ok). Plenty of them got eaten at church so I think I got away with it. It was more of a blip than an epic fail and I haven’t been kicked off the cake rota yet! Who knows, maybe everyone will be baking crunchy cakes now they’ve tried them?


Thanks for joining me for another Sunday Sevens, I quite like looking back at my week and seeing what others have been up to as well. Have you done anything exciting this week?

8 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #3

  1. All your activities were fun and it appears a good time was had by everyone. That’s what matters most I think.


  2. Thanks for joining in with Sunday Sevens! Apologies that I’ve only just found your blog though! :-0 Looks like you’ve had a lovely week, despite the rain/events on your Whitby trip! We once had a week camping in Whitby and it rained ALL week! In August too!! I think sometimes you just have to realise that you’re going to get soggy :-0

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