Is This Love?

Following my post about the crochet afghan and it having 13 white squares, I decided to follow the advice of my fellow bloggers and make square 13 using different colours, therefore meaning it could be called square 12b or 14a! I thought a heart would look lovely as a centrepiece, surrounded by 4 squares with our initials on. I proceeded to Google ‘heart crochet patterns’ and there are about 1,232000 of them!*

I took the opportunity to try some out, call it an audition if you like, to find the best one for my centrepiece.ย None of the three that I made have exactly blown me away so it looks like tomorrow night may see me return to ploughing through all of the patterns to find ‘the one’. They are all sweet little hearts but they just aren’t ‘pretty’ enough for me. Of course, once I’ve found the one I want I then have to work out how to turn it into a square!

Left-Attic24 tiny heart, middle Bella Coco, right-off piste attempt combining patterns

All of this means progress is a little bit slow-I could carry on just making the other 76 squares I need but I somehow feel that the middle square needs my undivided attention for now. At the moment it seems to involve making something, frogging it and repeating until the wool is a bit fuzzy from being manhandled too much and I have to bin it. Despite not actually producing anything I am really enjoying the experimenting and designing process. Fingers crossed it actually leads me to the finished product I have in my head!

*Not an exact number, I got bored after the first 3 pages.ย 


What’s your favourite part of your craft? Do you sometimes just spend ages experimenting but not producing anything?

18 thoughts on “Is This Love?

  1. I am terrible at doing that kind of patient trying-out and researching, I have to going flying straight into my projects, afraid of losing momentum if I don’t make fast progress ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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    1. I am quite impatient too, but I know with this project I want it to be ‘just right’ so I’m having to be less rushed. Normally I just want everything done yesterday (as my mum always says!)


  2. I definitely do that! Great to hear you do to! I used to bore the 5 men in my life with the details of my experimenting, but now I have lovely crafty blogger friends who are interested in that stuff – joy! My fave bit of needle felting is that moment when the creature stops looking like an ugly mass of wire and wool and looks at least vaguely as it’s supposed to! Like the Bella Coco heart best so far!

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  3. My favourite is the biggest one, but like the others too. I’m a knitter and made a jumper, all fine so wanted another in different colour. Same pattern and wool, sleeves went wrong, frogged, redid it went wrong again. Undid it all, new pattern front went wrong. Frogged it all and gave wool away in a temper ๐Ÿ˜‚ sometimes it’s just not meant to be !

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  4. Oh yes… lots and lots of time spent experimenting!
    Used to give onlookers small heart attacks whenever
    I’d frog, ‘though most are used to it by now ๐Ÿ˜‰ โ™ฅ โค


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