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Sunday Sevens #4

This week I actually planned my Sunday Sevens a little bit, much to my own surprise. As I was going through the week I thought to myself ‘I could blog about this but it doesn’t need it’s own post’ and that is why I love it, what a great idea from threads and bobbins and something that I look forward to writing each week. It makes me reflect on what I have seen or done in the last seven days and acts as a sort of diary.
Anyway, on to this week’s events. It was actually quite hard to choose only 7 because it’s been surprisingly busy!

1) We have our first courgette growing already! I was amazed when I saw it, though it has been a perfect week for growing with lots of warm and humid weather.  Doug the Slug appears to have left it alone for now too which is a bonus. I hadn’t realised just how prickly courgette plants are though, it was a bit of a shock when I touched it!


2) Strawberries are starting to grow! They are on our patio at home rather than at the allotment so we can keep an eye on them. Last weekend I caught William in the garden telling bees to go and get nectar from the strawberry flowers (we had a brief chat about bees helping with pollination last week). It looks like it worked! A couple more weeks and we should be able to enjoy seem fruit we’ve grown ourselves.


3) I finally gave in and treated myself to a Clover Amour crochet hook.  Just the 1, size 4.0mm (the size I use the most), but it looks very comfy to use. I haven’t even had a chance to use it yet but I’m sure fellow crocheters will understand my excitement. I was getting very patient waiting for the delivery van yesterday!


4) We found a butterfly in the garden and I just had to take a photo. Look at those colours! William proceeded to explain to me about the life cycle of a butterfly too. Apparently a caterpillar gets into a canoe and sleeps for 100 weeks and turns into a butterfly. I thought that was a good start to explaining it!


5) To celebrate the Queen’s Birthday there was a mini fete at the playing fields in our village. I took the children there whilst Dave was asleep and they both tackled the bouncy assault course with gusto! Jess wasn’t going to let William get away with going on it on his own so I decided to let her have a try. After an initial leg up from William she had a whale of a time and was not impressed when her 10 minutes was up. (When I say not impressed I mean I had to carry her rugby ball style away from the bouncy castle with her shoes in my other hand.) I loved seeing them both have such a great time.


6) Yes, another picture of a cuppa. This was an extra special one on Friday morning as I had some unexpected time to myself. Preschool invited Jess in for a taster session so I left her with William for a morning and came home on my own for a couple of hours. I was actually able to drink it whilst it was hot (first time, not after it had been nuked in the microwave) and sit down and enjoy it! Jess looked like she had really enjoyed herself too and had a bonus 2 hour afternoon nap when I brought her home. Needless to say, I got a lot done around the house that day!


7) This morning we had a Messy Church trip out to some local woods. It was fantastic, lots of fresh air and space for the children to run around and explore. They are both asleep now, hence the reason I’m able to write a blog post in the afternoon. We had a picnic lunch and ate the banana cakes we made yesterday. They were a real team effort-William mashed the bananas, Jess put the paper cases in the cake tin and I did the rest!

Another lovely week filled with crafting and adventures (as well as work). Thanks for reading, I’m going to start loading the washer after all that mud!

8 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #4

  1. I love homegrown veg, I used to have an allotment style section down my garden where I would grow beans, courgettes, carrots, all sorts, plus Rhubarb and fruits too. You can tell the difference between fresh and shop bought just from the lovely smell of real food, let alone the colour and taste. Now you have made me hungry 🙂

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    1. Haha, sorry about that. It’ll be so nice to harvest our own veg for meals literally an hour or so before we eat it. My mouth is watering at the thought of braised red cabbage!

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  2. Ha I see you have the same blue slug pellets I have to put in my flower beds. I think I have a few of Doug the Slugs rellys living at mine.:/ That’s an interesting looking butterfly, I have never seen one that colour before. I’ve discovered your blog through doing Sunday Sevens. X

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