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Sophies Garden Part 1

In a few weeks time it is a local village show, and it’s a huge two day event. I have exhibited my work there once before but decided this year I’d like to do something special. That ‘something’ is going to be Sophie’s Garden (decided after much searching of Pinterest and so on). This link shows you what the finished article should look like and my plan is to turn it into a cushion. (If mine looks half as good as theirs I will be a very happy bunny!)

I started off on Saturday by sorting out my wool stash and gathering together all of the pinks, purples and blues. Once I’d done that I pulled out any colours which didn’t quite ‘go’ and popped the rest into a bag. Tonight I started actually crocheting, although I only got up to round 3.


I’m not sure whether my plans are ambitious or just plain crazy but I am excited about learning more crochet techniques from the process. Whether it will be finished by the end of July is also questionable but here goes! (My new Clover hook is certainly helping.)

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