Allotment Mid June Update

Did you read that in the title? June! The weather seems to have forgotten and the recent storms have meant that the allotment soil has been reverted back to February levels of sogginess (basically knee deep mud). We’ve not been as much as we’d like because of that, as although we don’t mind the kids getting muddy it seems silly for them to get completely filthy and bored just for the sake of the weeding. There isn’t much to do there at the minute as the weather has done the watering and most of the crops are just biding their time and growing well in the humid conditions. This means that only one of us has gone at a time just to keep on top of the jobs and monitor things. That lucky person was me! I relished the peace and quiet and a bit of time on my own, even if my clumsiness does not mix well with slippery, slidey mud (there were a couple of narrow escapes from having a muddy bottom!)

I went yesterday to tackle the giant weeds in the netted cabbage growing area. We meant to do it last weekend but it tipped it down with rain on Sunday so we didn’t manage it. The weeds were way taller than the cabbages and it was a very dirty job. As I moved the wood holding down the net I came across a couple of Doug the Slug’s pals and some creatures that I couldn’t name but they looked pretty unfriendly. I started a new weed heap so as not to trail through the plot too much in the mud-the clay soil compacts very easily.

Today I went after tea with the tomato plants, which we had also planned to plant out last weekend but got rained off. I got them all planted around the edge of the empty third raised bed, leaving space in the middle for the butternut squash. A couple of them have been staked, the rest need doing next time I go (when I will hopefully remember the string AND the scissors at the same time).

Tomato plants bracing themselves for their first night in the wild, at the mercy of Doug the Slug and every other allotment pest


The rain has had another positive effect, our IBC is full to the brim (not quite any more as I used it to rinse off the tools before putting them away). At least we are now ready for the glorious summer which we are obviously all waiting and hoping for!

We aren’t going to fit much more water in there!


I found a handy looking puddle on the way back to the car to rinse my wellies off in (we are back to using the winter car parking space as the grass track around to the back of the plot where we are would require one of those Land Rovers with a snorkel to navigate it successfully) and made the surprising discovery that they are no longer waterproof. I guess that means I can shop for some new ones on pay day!

That’s about all for now, it’s a funny time of year as everything is planted but nothing much is ready for harvesting really. We are more like guardians at the moment, protecting the plants from weeds and pests until they are ready to share their treasure with us. I really hope it dries out a bit soon so that we can enjoy it as a family (last week William used the wet clay soil to make ‘mud balls’ which he threw all over, including at the car, which is another reason why I went on my own this week!)



6 thoughts on “Allotment Mid June Update

  1. My goodness, the weather in your part of the world is just as crazy as here…we’re waiting for winter which has been rather elusive here in the north. And usually our autumn and winter are dryish…but not this year…La Nina effect I believe.

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  2. Always love to read your allotment news. I am amazed you have managed to keep on top of it with the bizarre weather we have had.


  3. Weather has compounded many of our gardening issues. My garden was slow to get planted and every time it warms up for a couple of days, we get cold nights (46°F) shortly after. This week we have a couple of days where it will be 90° and 99°. Hopefully things will change for you soon, or at least allow you to have a few days of sunshine interspersed with appropriately timed rain.


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