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Sunday Sevens #5


Welcome to my 5th Sunday Sevens, thanks again to threads and bobbins for creating it. This week has been pretty quiet, but one or two little exciting things have happened. I’ll get straight on with it as the first was actually pretty awesome.

1) Collected in true allotmenteer style in a plant pot, I harvested the first new potatoes. There were enough for a salad between us, and it was the first time I’d ever harvested potatoes. They were absolutely delicious and I can’t wait to try all of the other things we are growing. I also suspect “you need to try it, we grew that on the allotment” will be added to my stock of mummy meal time phrases.


2) All of the wet weather has brought a surprising hoppy visitor to our garden. Dave was putting something in the bin when he spotted something jumping around. It was a quite large frog! The kids were really excited so Dave gently caught it so they could get a better look (and a little stroke-I remained in the role of official photographer so I didn’t have to have a turn!) He/she was quite a pretty looking thing really.


3) Continuing the garden theme, I discovered that I’d made a rookie error with my lavender so I had to go on a daring rescue mission. I’d used an indoor pot to stand the smaller pot in and it didn’t have a drainage hole. I nearly drowned my carefully grown little plant!


4) I found a surprise in a drawer when looking for something else. (Doesn’t  that always happen?) It was a gift card for B&Q and it still had the money on it, we must have put it on there to keep safe and just forgotten it. Now money doesn’t mean everything, but it can buy you a new bathroom blind when you accidentally broke the old one and it’s beyond repair!


5) When I was at the allotment enjoying the peace and quiet I saw these poppies growing along the boundary of our plot and thought they looked very pretty and delicate. This photo was my “attempt at an arty farty laying on the floor shot without actually laying down and getting muddy”. When the weather is drier I might try to do one of those photos properly but this will do for now!


6) It is of course Father’s Day today. I wanted to make a card with the kids so I had a look on Pinterest and chose the superhero card. It’s always nice to make cards using their hand and/or footprints as they are so effective. William was not satisfied and wanted to add more than the hero so I had a think and decided we should add a city scene as a background.  I drew lines for William to cut along, as he likes to work on his scissor skills. I then gave them both yellow paint and cotton wool buds to add ‘windows’ to the black paper. We used a sheet of dark blue gemstones card stock (a whole A4 one, that daddy must be very important to be given that from my stash!) and William helped to assemble it. A peach circle for the head and a few star stickers were the finishing touches. It’s fab when you can take an idea from somewhere else and do your own thing with it.


7) We are back to having a random no 7 this week! I have no idea what is so special about this Duplo brick but obviously my children do as they have spent most of this weekend fighting over it. Since a disproportionate amount of my time has been spent on refereeing, I felt it deserved a spot on Sunday Sevens. There are ‘quite a lot’ of identical looking blocks in the toy area, none of which seem to hold the same appeal to my children as this one. A considerable amount of mindful crochet has been done to try and recover, combined with the distraction of a trip to the library.


That’s it for now, hoping for an exciting week to come, preferably with minimal toy related feuds.

6 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #5

  1. My kids were very excited by your frog photo and sorry, I couldn’t help but laugh at the lego brick. Kids find the strangest things to argue over (plastic pink ‘gem’ in this house!) Your father’s day card is fab 😀

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  2. Great Post. Your lavender certainly was a little waterlogged, hope you manage to dry it out. Nice find with the B & Q voucher, I always find those things after they have expired. Never mind. Father’s Day card was awesome.

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    1. Thanks for your lovely comment. I think I rescued my plant in time! Dave loved his card too, although it took him a while to realise it was meant to be superman.


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