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Sunday Sevens #6

This week has just been another wet and horrible one, which means that some of our plans have been postponed. It has also been a strange one, with the EU Referendum taking place. I’ve struggled to find 7 interesting things this week as it seems to have just involved going to work and getting rained on. As always, thanks to threads and bobbins for organising Sunday Sevens.

1. I’m going to get this out of the way. My blog is not a place where I want to bring masses of politics, nor am I going to disclose which way I voted. However the referendum has been such a major part of this week for the whole of the UK that I couldn’t not mention it. We are lucky that we live in a democracy, a place where your opinion (in the form of a vote) counts. That means that as long as we have exercised our right to vote we have done as much as we can. Part of being able to vote means that we might not always get our own way. As more and more emerges about the truth (or lack of) behind both sides of the campaign we are left feeling betrayed and many are deeply concerned about what happens next. We now just have to have faith and positivity in the way forward and basically just get on with it. The future is always an unknown entity and being unkind and bitter towards one another is unlikely to make that path any less bumpy.


2) On a lighter note I was very pleased to see my little blog had been nominated for the Liebster Award by a fellow blogger. It’s nice to know others enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing.


3) What was left after my little game of yarn chicken. It’s not the closest I’ve been to running out halfway through a round but it was a little nerve wracking. Not sure I’d have been happy if I’d had to frog a whole round of over 200 stitches!


4) What’s this? Yawn, another photo if Sophie’s Garden. This time with her soon to be backing fabric. Jess needed new shoes so I took her to the local outlet shopping centre and, since we were on our own, went to the craft shop there. It has a huge range of beautiful fabrics but I chose this one because it has a very subtle print. It’s enough to show through the lacy parts of the design without detracting from it. Now to get it finished, I have 5 weeks until the village show. (The category I’m entering is ‘any article in crochet’ so I may be disqualified for having a fabric element but it only costs 25p to enter so I think I’ll risk it!)


5) My order of Ice Yarns arrived. I have no idea what I’m going to make yet but it is lovely soft yarn. If there was more of it I think I’d have to roll around in it as it feels so unlike other acrylic yarn. Since there are only 4 balls though I will refrain from doing that as I’d look a bit silly!


6) Proudly presenting my latest culinary invention. Picture the scene: it was Saturday morning and I thought I’d make a Slimming World cooked breakfast as I had nothing else planned. I fancied a fried egg with it so I sprayed the pan with fry light and cracked the egg into the pan. That was the first fail as the yolk broke. I let it cook for a minute and it spread out further so I used the spatula to scrape it back into the middle and then thought ‘stuff it, I may as well stir it now’. That was the point at which ‘the frambled egg’ was born. Despite it’s grim appearance it actually tasted pretty good. I won’t be holding out for a place on Masterchef though!


7) This morning we went to another local village show. It was in a rather bumpy field with ancient trees in it and there were lots of the usual quintessentially British stalls-crafts, tombolas and a lot of cakes! The children both had a go on tombolas and William had a climb, then we watched the egg throwing training for a while. This show is actually the home of the World Egg Throwing Championship, hence the photo! If you want to read more about this link should tell you all you could ever want to know.


Thanks for reading my unintentionally  egg themed Sunday Sevens!


16 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #6

  1. I know someone who always makes her eggs this way, but I don’t think she has such a good name for them! That new yarn looks gorgeous. I think I really might have to put knitting goodies on my wish list again.

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  2. Someday when I have free time (lol) I will have to try making one of the doilies. I used to crochet with thread, but nothing as beautiful and colorful as the work you do. And I also love the ice yarn. Will be interesting to see how you decide to use it.

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  3. OMGOODNESS the village show you went to is in the next village to ours …I must have walked right pass you !!!! I didn’t have a stall in the craft tent this year as I should have been at ‘The Workplace’ but the rota was changed at the last minute (by that time the craft tent was fully booked) talk about small world.. I’ve added a link to a post I did a couple of years ago

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    1. Wow! Definitely a small world, I think I must practically drive past yours on my way to work! It is a lovely show isn’t it? I really like the massive old trees in the show field. I keep considering having a craft stall but I’d have to make a lot of thinks first!

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      1. Which village show are you entering your lovely crochet project in ?? if ‘The Workplace’ doesn’t require my presence I might call by to see your work in the flesh so to speak LOL

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      2. WOW you are hitting the big time at Heckington show, I do hope you get it finished in time, my rota doesn’t go that far ahead but with any luck I’ll be able to call in

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      3. Haha! I always like looking at the exhibits there. I don’t know of many other local shows where you can exhibit rather than sell. It’s only got about 8 rounds to go. 😊


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