B is for Bobbles

Here we are with the second instalment of my A-Z of crochet (and my 100th blog post, how on earth did that happen?) There were a few ‘b’ possibilities but I settled on bobble stitch as I had never tried it before, so it was a good excuse to test it out. 

I’ve only made half of the block so far, it’s going to be part of my sampler blanket. (I suspect this blog series may well contribute to quite a few squares to the blanket!) There are loads of online tutorials, I used this one by The Crochet Crowd and found it to be very comprehensive. I’ve written these instructions myself based on the tutorial.

How to make a bobble stitch:

Yo, insert hook, yo, pull through, yo, pull through 2 loops, *yo, insert hook into same stitch, yo, pull through, yo, pull through 2*(3 loops left on hook)

Repeat from * to * until you have 6 loops left on the hook. Yo, pull through all 6. 

These instructions are for 1 bobble stitch, it sounds a lot but is really quite easy. I had to take lots of care with the last stage as the yarn kept splitting when I tried to pull through all 6. I just experimented a  bit with the angle of the hook as I pulled it through which seemed to cure it.

I’ve made a couple of projects using popcorn stitch before and was really disappointed with the outcome as I never felt they were defined enough. I didn’t find this at all with bobble stitch and thought they stood out really well. The yarn I’m using for the blanket is quite loosely spun and doesn’t seem to give good stitch definition so I was pleasantly surprised. It was nice and easy to work, if a little time (and yarn!) consuming because of having 5 stitches worked into one every third stitch.  

I feel a bobble stitch heart square coming on after that bit of experimenting and will definitely be using bobbles rather than popcorn stitch  to make our initials on squares for the blanket.

Have you ever used bobble stitch? How did you find it? What project were you working on?


23 thoughts on “B is for Bobbles

  1. He he! I am so crochet-ignorant that, for just a moment, when I read your post I thought your ‘YO’s were some kind of rapping thing! Then my ancient knitting memory kicked in and helped out… Nice bobbles 🙂

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      1. I’m more than confident you’ll knock it out of the ballpark…you’re making crochet look easy, which for this little black duck is super impressive! 😀


  2. The Crochet Crowd tutorials really are very helpful. Mikey explains really well. My only exposure to bobble stitch was when they did a chevron version tutorial. Would’ve watched all the separate tutorials if I was making something in ripples, which I’m not :p They do look really pretty though.

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