C is for Clusters

Apologies now if you clicked on this hoping for a thrilling post about breakfast cereal or an in depth discussion of astrophysics as this is not even remotely related to either. However, it is about a rather pretty little crochet stitch which can be used to great effect, and which is super simple to do.

It makes up part of the Sophie’s Garden mandala, and I happen to think it makes beautiful flower petals.

It is actually 3 stitches joined together and is formed in a fairly similar way to a bobble in that you pull the yarn through several stitches at once at the end to finish the stitch. The main difference is that you work into 3 individual stitches rather than all into the same one. It acts as a decrease as you are turning 3 stitches into one, hence why it has 2 chains between each stitch in order to maintain the same stitch count (you can see these in the photo).

How to make a cluster

 Yo, insert into first stitch, yarn over and pull through, yo, pull through 2 (2 left on the hook). Yo, insert into next st, yo and pull through, yo, pull through 2 loops. Yo, insert into 3rd stitch, yo and pull through, yo, pull through 2 loops. Yo and pull through all 4 remaining loops on the hook.

(This is for a 3 treble crochet cluster, there are other variations, you just work into the number of stitches you want to join together. A useful guide is to add one to the number of stitches you are working into to check you have the correct number of loops to pull through at the end. E.g if you are making a 4tr cluster you will have 5 loops on the hook at the end.)

The cluster is a really simple stitch which only requires basic crochet skills to create a stunning effect. I think it would look lovely as part of a blanket made in rows. 

Have you tried cluster stitch before? How did you find it? What kind of projects would you use it in? 

13 thoughts on “C is for Clusters

  1. There you go amazing me again and making me doubt my own lack of Skill Set….that is until I look at a skein of yarn and remember just how well we don’t get along. 🙂

    Love the end result of this stitch…would certainly look stunning on a wrap or Nanna Blankie to cover the knees.

    Well done!! 😀 Now I’m eager to see if the Cereal will make an appearance with the D entry. 😉


      1. Ooooh, worth waiting for! 🙂 Have an amazing Sunday afternoon. 🙂 Looking forward to the rest of the Alphabet. I’ll have to email your posts to my MIL…she’s just taught herself to crochet. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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