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Sunday Sevens #7

Welcome to my seventh Sunday Sevens, the brainchild of Natalie of threads and bobbins. This week I have made a LOT of silly (and occasionally expensive!) mistakes. Some were rookie errors; others were just a total lack of common sense. Despite my failings we were able to laugh at them, thank goodness!

1) My first mistake was a definite example of a rookie error. Jess can get out of her cot now so we have to take the sides off. She manged to climb out and get into my room, where she happened to find the pot of Sudocrem which we keep up there for night time nappy changes. I’m sure you can guess the rest from here… Anyway, the end result is that my lovely 1950s dressing table isn’t getting a sore bottom any time soon. Fortunately it came off, though the varnish has been damaged a little. I remember seeing a video where a walnut was used to cover up minor damage to wooden furniture so I might give it a whirl.

2) You may recall this photo which I posted on ‘Wordless Wednesday’. I was very fortunate that it happened as I pulled up on to the driveway, otherwise I’d have been pretty stuck because changing a wheel on a very muddy grass verge is no fun at all. I ran into the house to tell Dave and you could hear the air hissing from the tyre from the doorway. (I park a good few metres away from the house!) You could clearly see the screw through my tyre and my heart sank a little bit as it has only been back on the road for a fortnight. It also meant driving Dave’s car to work, which I don’t like doing as it’s longer than mine and everyone knows staff car parks (in any place of work!) only have space to reverse a car the size of one of these.

One very sad tyre

3) This links back to no. 2. My wheels have a locking wheel nut and yes, you’ve guessed it, we couldn’t find my socket. There were tears and tantrums (what if I had to drive the big car forever? What if brute force and the instructions on Internet forums for removal without the socket failed?) There may also have been some foot stamping and some middle of the night emptying of drawers as I woke up having dreamed that the missing item was in them. Dave eventually found it in a tool bag in the shed and I took this photo to celebrate the fact that my car was finally on axle stands. (That is not normally a cause for great happiness, is it?)

4) This leads me nicely to Friday, where I joyfully (said with only a slight hint of sarcasm) spent the morning of my day off at the garage. Dave suggested I may like to kill two birds with one stone and get his tyre replaced since I had to take my wheel in his car anyway. 

See the new tyre? Lovely isn’t it? It would be even more lovely if I’d had the correct tyre replaced. You see, Dave didn’t tell me which one so I had a look around and found the one which I thought looked the most bald and told the garage. When I got home (having spent all of my monthly consumable income on tyres), he informed me it was a back tyre which needed replacing. Whoops! The only bonus was that Jess and I had a nice stroll around town whilst the wrong tyre was being changed. (I got the pleasure of visiting another garage on Saturday to change the tyre that really needed replacing. Lucky me!)

5) Now for my next mistake, which taught me a little lesson about common sense. A few weeks back I sowed the last of the beetroot seeds in a raised bed. I thought I’d put them in the end one, and when nothing had grown after a few weeks I just presumed the birds had probably eaten the seeds. Yesterday whilst weeding the middle raised before I found these!

Yes, I’d been looking in the wrong place. At least it was a happy mistake, and I learned that seed labels were invented for a good reason. Perhaps next time I will use one of the 20o0 labels that I seem to have accumulated as soon as I plant them. (Or maybe not,  surprises are fun anyway!)

6) At our allotment site we’re having a scarecrow competition. Today is judging day, and we were a bit late off the mark with making ours. Not to worry, we had it planned. Kind of. Yesterday Dave and William chose the wood from the shed construction leftovers and made up the frame, then we picked out some of his clothes to dress him in. An old football from school which I rescued from the bin made a perfect head and a bag and a half of straw gave him a traditional filling. Not one to do things by halves, Dave felt the need to give him hinged arms. I’m sure we will have lots of fun arranging him into different poses to trick those pesky birds. We’ve named him George since all of his clothes are from Asda, and he’s about 6.5 feet tall. He is made a little less manly with the addition of one of my early (and quite frankly disastrous) attempts at crocheting a hat. His face was hand drawn by me, and no I wasn’t drunk despite it’s slightly wonky appearance. I was, however, sneezing uncontrollably, with streaming eyes caused by a slight reaction to the straw. (It was raining so unfortunately we had to add the finishing touches to ‘George’ in the conservatory.) We aren’t expecting to win the competition (he isn’t exactly creative!), but if he defends our plot then we will hopefully get our prize in the form of a plentiful harvest.

7) This morning the children and I joined the rest of our Messy Church group for a trip to another fairly local church and the site of a Gilbertine monastery. We had our refreshments (tea, juice and cake) in the church yard before we went inside. A very kind and knowledgable chap talked to us about the history of the church  (it’s looking pretty good for being 950 years old) and we did our normal craft activities in there. The children loved exploring the churchyard too; it’s in a very peaceful location and the views were stunning. (I suspect it is slightly more peaceful without 10 very excited cake-fuelled children tearing around.) It was only 20 minutes from home and, as always, it’s good to get out and explore.

I’m really hoping next week’s Sunday Sevens does not involve cars, or too many mistakes! That’s all for now, thanks for reading.


15 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #7

  1. Ooops! I am always making silly mistakes myself.Only this morning I ruined our camping sleeping bag by being to rough with the zip. And my flower bed in the back yard has been over run by nasturtions.That may be a good thing.But they seem to have covered everything else up.Who knew they would be so easy to grow!

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  2. Ha ha good old Asda! Loving your work with George. I haven’t had the same experience with Sudocrem but my 2 year old did get her hands on a bottle of baby massage oil (which I’d stupidly left in her room) and threw it everywhere. The cream carpet has never been the same again…

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  3. I love George the scarecrow! I used to have an allotment but now grow veg in the garden πŸ™‚ Thanks for following my blog πŸ™‚

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