F is for Flowers

Crochet flowers-they come in all shapes and sizes. From tiny, dainty ones crocheted from cotton to enormous ones which make up entire cushions, from pretty little brooches to motifs in the centre of squares on blankets. They are so versataile and have the ability to look really intricate yet are relatively quick to make up. You only have to look at Pinterest to see boards bursting at the seams with a plethora of beautiful designs calling out to be made. Crochet is the perfect medium for making flowers as working in the round is so easy compared to, for example, knitting. Flowers also require very little prior crocheting experience and are perfect for beginners who want to branch out a bit as the petals are quite often made using a combination of different stitches (to vary the height) and simple increases (to make them bigger). As long as you can make a double, half treble and treble crochet then you’re pretty much good to go!

I could have made a whole selection of flowers to demonstrate this, but really there was no need as there is so much content out there. Instead, I decided to do a little round up of some flower patterns which I really like, and which I may or may not get around to eventually making.

I’m going to start with one of my favourite crochet sites of all time. I adore the Attic24 site; Lucy is so creative with her colour choices and so generous for sharing her patterns. Her tutorials make crochet look like an absolute breeze, if you’ve never visited her site it is well worth it. Make sure you’ve got plenty of time though, as you’ll want to keep reading and exploring for ages. Her pattern for happy flower decoration is very pretty and reminds me of a mini mandala. She has plenty of other lovely flower patterns to choose from too!


Image source:

Another popular crochet site which I visit quite a lot is the Bella Coco site. I’ve picked this video tutorial of hers as African flowers are hugely popular, especially for making toys. I haven’t made one (yet-it’s only a matter of time) but I have followed a couple of her video tutorials and found them very helpful too for other patterns. The link is only for part 1 but the links to the other parts can be found on that page.

Another pattern which I really like (and have actually made) is the rose V-stitch granny square for my blanket. The pattern can be found here (the pattern has lots of different squares but I promise it is in there!) I love the lacy look of it and once I’d figured out how to make the rose and actually followed the pattern properly it was quite easy.

I’ve only picked 3 of my favourite flower patterns, but I hope it’s given you some inspiration. Have you ever crocheted a flower? What did you use it for? I’d love to know!

22 thoughts on “F is for Flowers

  1. I don’t crochet often, but Little Clovers Edging really caught my attention; the result looks more like a chain of delicate flowers to me than clovers. I made a bracelet with it using beads at the center of each clover/flower; it turned out pretty well!

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  2. I LOVE Attic24! and thank you for the intro to Bella Coco. I have recently been obsessed with crocheting daffodils :
    And then there are the daisies:
    And I too love the African flower:
    What a great choice for ‘F’. Looking forward to the rest of the alphabet.

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  3. My grandmother made me the most gorgeous Granny square flower motif blanket for my bed and I still have it after thirty years. I liked your post G is for Granny also. Thanks for sharing attic 24 I can’t wait to see the blogs. I’m totally into crocheting flowers for a yarnbombing solo project I’m doing.

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