G is for Granny Square

Welcome to the 7th part of my A-Z crochet series. You can find the first 6 letters in these links: A is For AmigurumiB is for BobblesC is for ClustersD is for Double Crochet,E is for Ends and F is for Flowers.

What is the first thing you think of when someone mentions crochet? For many people it is the classic granny square. It only uses chains and trebles so for many people it is the first project they attempt. The other bonus is they don’t have to be very big so there’s a certain amount of satisfaction to be had by completing one in quite a short space of time!

I’ve whipped one up tonight to show as an example, although I’ve only used one colour as it’s for my blanket. Quite often they are made using different colours, which is a great way to use up yarn scraps. Although I didn’t use it, Bella Coco has produced a comprehensive video tutorial which is great if you’re only just starting out.

There are lots of variations on the good old granny square, including the solid granny square. This is one of my favourites too; I’ve already made 3 for my blanket! Lucy at Attic24 has produced this photo tutorial if you fancy making a solid granny square of your own.

Granny squares can be made up of as many rounds as you like, up to the size of a whole blanket (and beyond)! I made a small rectangular blanket for my daughter’s doll using some of the yarn scraps in my box.

The granny square is easy enough to make, but something many people find is that they can end up with a twisted square and corners which are irregular.  You can see it slightly in my orange square, and I tried really hard not to let it happen. I minimised it by pushing the first 3 corner stitches back on to the side of the square they belonged on, then making the corner chain 2 and turning the square so I was working the next 3 trebles on their corrects side of the square. It definitely improved it. Some people turn the work after each round, so your work doesn’t have a ‘right’ side. That method didn’t work for me but I thought I’d mention it as it seems to be quite a popular way to beat the twist!

The granny square-traditional, beautiful and simple, with infinite variations. Perfect for cushions and blankets, cardigans and all manner of marvellous creations!

What have you made with the humble granny square? Do you use one colour or change every round?

15 thoughts on “G is for Granny Square

  1. Reblogged this on CraftyCAN's Blog and commented:
    I’m loving this A-Z of Crochet…and I don’t crochet!!! I just don’t have the patience for it in all honesty.

    But…I do admire the skill and talent that goes into this Craft/Art. And this series is certainly building up my appreciation.

    Hope you enjoy reading this nearly as much as I have.


  2. I was blessed when my eldest daughter was born to have so many Great Aunts alive that made up quite a few blankets from Granny Squares for my little girl. All of them have since been passed onto and shared with other family members for their bubs including my Grand-daughter who now has two for her own little baby dolls.

    Thank You for another great, fun read. 🙂

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  3. I love this because I love granny squares an was thinking of posting a blog on it but then you beat me too it and made it simple for me so I get to crochet since I just picked up my hook recently again lol hope you don’t mind I am reblogging thanks for sharing 🙂 Stay royal Jess

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