Sophie’s Garden Final Update

Here she is, post washing and blocking as we speak. I’m hoping to get the cushion cover sewed very soon, the fabric has been prewashed and I’ve bought a zip. It’s taken just under 4 weeks to get this far, though I could have done it quicker if I’d tried (and not got distracted by other projects and writing blog posts)!

Whether she makes it to the village show as planned is still under debate because although I think it is pretty, there are a lot of imperfections. The worst part is where the pink in the corners (just below the blue arches) is quite cramped and I just couldn’t get them to sit right even after frogging and refine reading the pattern. It’s quite disappointing really that the overall finish isn’t as perfect as I’d have liked. However, I love it as a cushion cover to go in my house! Perhaps I can make something else for the show? I’ve got 3 weeks to decide, and I might well just ‘go for it’ in spite of the danger of being laughed at for entering. It all depends how I feel on the day (and whether or not my sewing is any good!)

Thanks for following my journey of making this project, I’m kind of sad that it’s over. To see how ‘Sophie’ has grown, here are the links to my blog posts from the very beginning.Β Sophies Garden Part 1,Β Sophie’s Garden Update

I’ll post a photo of the finished cushion after the show, whether I enter her into it or not.


32 thoughts on “Sophie’s Garden Final Update

  1. Well, to my ‘cannot crochet’ brain it looks amazing. I seriously cannot comprehend how that is achieved with just yarn and a hook.

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  2. Nice!

    I keep looking at Sophie’s Garden and Universe, it does look like a lot of fun! I have a question for you, do you think it would be possible to do the pattern as lace in crochet cotton thread?I’d love to try it on a 1.5 mm or 1.75 mm hook?

    It looks fabulous!
    Baba StringThings:-)

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