K is for Killing (when counting is interrupted!)

So you thought crocheters were a fairly tame bunch? Well just try disturbing one when they’re counting stitches and see what happens.

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It’s probably safest not to talk to, look at or breathe near someone who is counting stitches. I’d recommend just leaving the room to be honest. You may get a warning sign before a full on eruption occurs, in the form of the crocheter (or knitter) counting VERY loudly (possibly shouting or shrieking the numbers)  to emphasise the fact that they are counting and that you need to leave, now. If this occurs, back off slowly, silently and carefully. It’s OK to listen in for when the counting ends and then re enter the room, preferably bearing gifts (a cuppa and a biscuit will suffice, counting is hard work). If the counting does not end well (i.e. there’s a birds nest of wool on the floor, a lot of sobbing and no project to be seen) then it’s probably time to just move out before the frustrated crocheter attacks you with a hook (because it must have been your fault that there were the wrong number of stitches). If the counting has gone well then it might be OK for you to ask/say whatever it is you had to say when you first went in. (If you’ve remembered, some counting takes a long time!) 

K is also for knots.

All in all, K is not a very crochet friendly letter, hence why you got this post instead of a tutorial or information guide! I do hope you’ve enjoyed reading it anyway.

17 thoughts on “K is for Killing (when counting is interrupted!)

  1. He-he! With crochet being so popular now I wonder why we haven’t had more stories of crochet-related crime? Exhibit A, M’lud, one ergonomic (see, I have been paying attention) crochet hook…

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