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Sunday Sevens #9

Welcome to my 9th Sunday Sevens, the brainchild of Natalie at Threads and Bobbins. This week has been another busy one, with a bit more harvesting from the allotment and a lot of odds and ends jobs!

1) Beetroot pickling has begun! I thinned out the row and ending up harvesting two thirds of it as they were ready. One was as big as a grapefruit-I was pretty impressed! I made a quick phone call to my Nanny before I started for some advice as she always had a huge jar of pickled beetroot in her pantry so I knew she’d give me some good tips. I also got to use my Kilner preserving jars which I bought when a local Homebase store closed a couple of years ago. I boiled them all up in the base of my mum’s old pressure cooker as it was the only thing large enough to take all of the beetroot at once. I’m hoping I’ll get to use it in the autumn to make some chutney too. Removing the skins was a messy business and I’m not convinced my fingernails will ever be the proper colour again. I got 3 and a half jars out of the row I harvested and hopefully the beetroot in the raised bed will give us another good batch in September. 

2) The windmill in our village has opened a new bakehouse and they held a cake sale on Saturday. Of course, this meant a little trip there with the kids to sample some of them. They chose marmalade flapjacks, which they pretty much inhaled as soon as we got through the door so I only got a photo of the chocolate and beetroot brownie which they chose for Dave. It smelled pretty good!

3) I finally started on renovating the stool. I say I, but Dave suggested using MY mouse sander and felt the need to demonstrate and I had to practically arm wrestle him to get a turn! Unfortunately the legs had rotten at the feet so we had to saw some off. We then used wood hardener on the remaining part to make sure it was stable. There’s still a lot of sanding to do but I’m hoping to get some done later on today.

Mr Craft stealing my project!

4) We’ve been bitten by the Pokemon Go craze! We’ve managed to catch a few around our house and local area but haven’t ventured far yet. We are going for a walk later so we’ll see what comes up. The augmented reality feature was pretty awesome when we had a Charmander in the living room. What is scary is that I was still a child when Pokemon was first launched!

5) William appears to be developing a creative streak. He disappeared into the conservatory with an empty egg box and muttered something about being Mr Maker.  He then asked me for help with glue so I went and had a look. He’d cut up the box by himself (using his special children’s scissors), trimmed off part of the box for nostrils as he was making a dragon and made wings. I helped him glue it using all purpose glue, knowing that normal PVA glue can take ages to stick things like that together. He let it dry whilst we were at the allotment and painted it red when we got home. He then chose the googly eyes and stuck then on himself using my Anita’s tacky glue. Daddy was most impressed when he woke up and was presented with a dragon!

The strawberry pot is the habitat of choice for this little fella!

6) After 3 attempts at different things I have finally settled on a pattern for the back of my Sophie’s Garden cushion. I’ve gone for the virus pattern (it’s nicer than it sounds!) So far I’ve only done the centre but it’s gift end me a chance to try out my new Tulip Etimo rose hook. It looks curly but apparently by round 11 it stops so I’m persevering. Only 2 weeks until the show so I need to crack on. I suspect it may be a project that I take everywhere!

7) Everywhere I look there are beautiful flowers, and these caught my eye as we walked to the shop. I want to call them hollyhocks but I don’t think that’s right. Whatever they are, they are just glorious. These ones must have been 6 feet tall! I loved the colours, so summery and I just had to stop and take a photo. 

Well, that’s it for now. This week is my last week at work, so it will be a week of mixed emotions as I start job hunting. It’s also William’s last week at preschool, which is a bit sad-I can hardly believe he starts school in September. 

Thanks for reading, I hope my UK readers are enjoying this lovely summer weather!


8 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #9

  1. Pokemon Go is for you, not your kids. All the advertisements have been targeting adults. The types of Pokemon you can find is dependent on the time of day, and type of area. (You’ll find more aquatic Pokemon near a body of water, and more nocturnal Pokemon after dusk.) Kids shouldn’t go out at all hours of the day and night, nor should they have to walk a couple of football fields worth of distance to find that elusive Pokemon. So yeah- the app was made for YOU. So adults can get out and exercise, and find the Pokemon they loved as kids.

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  2. Oh my goodness…I’m so pleased I found you. Blogging is all such pot luck, isn’t it?! I have a couple of rows of beetroot waiting to be dealt with and, oddly, I never even considered pickling them.
    My youngest started school last month; I’m still acclimatising to a quiet house. Speaking of which, I had better go iron uniforms.
    I’m looking forward to seeing what else you get up to. Lynda.

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