Q is for Quick

It may seem like yet another alphabet cop out, but speed is something which a lot of crocheters aim for. Whether it’s because you’re impatient and want that king size bed blanket completed within 3 hours (a bit ambitious maybe?), you’ve left thing until the last minute  (hanging my head in shame at this one), or you crochet items to sell and want to complete orders, speed can sometimes be of the essence.


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When I’m on a roll I can crochet quite quickly, but I sometimes find if I try to go too fast it is at the expense of neatness. I am a bit of a perfectionist so my style tends to be slower but as neat as possible. Also, there are certain stitches that are a bit harder to do quickly, for example double treble other working around the posts. I find it quite frustrating that I can’t crochet quickly and neatly at the same time and admit to being a little envious of those who can do both. When I feel like that I try to remind myself that I’m crocheting because it’s relaxing and because I love to make things and that the speed I work at is not the most important thing. 

I have watched all kinds of videos on how to crochet more quickly and I can work a bit faster now. It’s easier with simpler patterns that repeat a lot, and much harder with patterns that require a lot of focus.

What’s your crochet speed style-cool, calm and relaxed, Speedy Gonzales, or something entirely different? Do you have any speed enhancing tips? I’d love you to share them. 

17 thoughts on “Q is for Quick

  1. I’m really fast. I never actually reflected on how I got to be a fast crocheter. I suppose that if anyone wants to crochet faster they should study what motions their hand makes that aren’t useful. Also, holding the hook comes into play. The style of holding the hook like a pencil looks a bit slow to me when I see it done”

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  2. With granny squares (mindless) I can crochet pretty fast, despite holding the hook like a pencil, however…in the last 2 years I’ve discovered that crocheting quickly and for not that long per session, my wrist and forearm ache. At one stage when the pain got quite bad, my doc suggested I not crochet or knit for a fortnight. It worked but it was hard to not work on projects. So now, at the slightest twinge, I stop for a day. I do have wrist support thingies too.

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    1. Oh no! I was gutted when I hurt my arm and couldn’t crochet for a fortnight. I’ve seen exercises for knitters and crocheters somewhere, I might have to have a look.


  3. Not fast at all here!!! I’m too big a perfectionist to be fast…hook and tear out…hook and tear out…hook and tear out…DONE!!! πŸ™‚

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  4. I can make granny squares at speed but anything else I find really difficult. All patterns look like a foreign language and I tend to have to watch videos, over and over very slowly, until I can copy my own work. I apparently hold my hook uniquely according to the ladies of the knitting group! Perhaps the eXercises could be your X post?

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  5. i loved this! Yesterday i was trying to word how I felt because of the pokeballs – I wanted to HURRY UP and make them, and kept telling myself, “Oh, I can do this pretty quickly.” Well, quickly turned out to be 3-4 hours later. I also feel reallly really grateful when people buy my work but also tell me “take your time! it doesn’t need to be here for a month!” because I feel like they understand the tiniest bit that its an art form that takes time. It looks like you get a lot of projects done! loved your stripped star btw


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