Card making

Thank You Cards

It’s that time of year again, where I am making last minute thank you cards after a long day on a school trip. It called for some seriously quick and simple cardmaking so I found a stamp set with ‘Thank you’ in and it just happened to have a rather lovely flower in it too. I coloured in the flowers using 3 shades each in an attempt to give the impression of shade and blended colours. I was actually quite pleased with my attempts, the less is more approach seems to be my friend just lately!

I also used my Docrafts Owl Folk set to make a card for William’s preschool as tomorrow is his last day. He is in the Owl group so the theme was very apt. Yet again it was a quick and simple job, decoupage, foam pads, a greeting and a printed base card from the same range. I love the fact it also came with a printed envelope, which you can just see in the bottom corner of the photo.

Crochet A-Z business will resume as normal later in the week. It’s ages since I’ve made a card, I really shouldn’t leave it until the last minute like this though!

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