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Stitches in Time at Sheringham Museum

After 4 nights away in the new caravan (that’s a whole other blog post!), we arrived home yesterday. We enjoyed lots of visits to places in North Norfolk, some just short stops and others whole days. 

One of our shorter visits was to Sheringham, where we went to the museum especially to see the ‘Stitches in Time’ exhibition. It was in a new part of the museum, and showcased the knitting efforts of World War 1. I found the leaflet in the toilet block at the campsite and persuaded Dave that I really needed to go and see it, and since the museum has plenty for children to do, he agreed. (The promise of fish and chips for lunch may also have gone in my favour!)

When we arrived I asked about photography, as some places prefer you not to. The museum staff were very friendly and enquired for me and luckily I was allowed to take some photos of the exhibition. The first thing we saw was a Dazzle Boat. It definitely looked dazzling and every detail was included, even down to the basket of knitted fish! It must have taken ages for the volunteer knitters to get it finished but the whole family was suitably impressed.

The Dazzle Boat on the ground floor of the museum

After that we had a look around the main parts of the museum and followed the rather cute knitted arrows to the top floor of the museum where the exhibition was situated. We were greeted by a very friendly and knowledgable curator who showed us around all of the parts of the exhibition.  

There were lots of examples of knitting, made by volunteers using patterns from WW1. I have to say the knitting was stunning, with various practical items on show. The detail in some of the patterns was wonderful, with items ranging from hats and balaclavas to shawls and jumpers. There was even a crocheted bra and a onesie (I suspect it had a different name!)

Some of the knitwear on show at Sheringham Museum
Hats! I quite liked the tasselled one.

As well as some items that were just for display, there was a rather lovely area with items to try on! William had a great time trying on different hats, and there were several dapper little jumpers and cardigans to try. Unfortunately it was a bit hot for it, but they were very temptingly displayed on a little washing line so the children could choose their outfit. The teddies were very well dressed too!

There was also a display of knitted bandages, some made for the exhibition and some that had seen some real life action in the hospital in Sheringham during the War. William was quite fascinated by this slightly gory fact! It seems hard to believe now that they had to knit things like that, though they obviously worked hard. It just goes to show what a useful skill knitting is!

I was amused by the postcards from the time which made fun of the sizing issues of some of the garments, when ladies didn’t know exactly who they were knitting for!

Later on we found some examples of knitting patterns found on the fishermen’s Ganseys displayed elsewhere in the museum. 

The museum was definitely well worth a visit and was superb value for money. As well as the knitting and history of Sheringham, there is an area where you can go and view the wind farm which has been built just off the coast. We all got a lot from our visit (the boys particularly enjoyed seeing how much power they could generate using the wheel in the wind farm information area!) The children didn’t quite complete the quiz, but they got a pencil at the end anyway.

The exhibition of knitting is on until 30th September and there are also several special events related to it, you can find the details here

16 thoughts on “Stitches in Time at Sheringham Museum

    1. Thank you, they certainly got me thinking about how talented some of those women were (and still are) to produce such beautiful things. I’ve got no doubt that I’ll be picking up the needles to try something soon!

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  1. Isn’t it nice when something like this is done well and not a disappointment? Sounds like a really good, fun, interactive exhibition. Hope you had a lovely break!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha, they definitely do (even if the definition of ‘holiday’ changes slightly once you’ve got kids to look after and it no longer just involves drinking and barbecues!)

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  2. When you commented on my blog, I remembered that I had read your posts about the lace cardigan saga. I had completely forgotten about the trials you had gone through. This exhibition looks amazing, it just goes to show that even with the passage of time, a onesie is still an unattractive garment! I notice we have the same WordPress theme.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad you enjoyed it too! It’s a sweet little museum and fairly quiet, ideal way to spend a morning or afternoon whilst the tide is in and you can’t go on the beach. 😊


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