Sophie Won a Prize!

Imagine my excitement when two friends texted almost simultaneously to let me know my cushion had come 3rd in the village show. There were around 15 entries in the crochet section and they were all beautifully made, so it was a genuinely lovely surprise to discover that it had won a prize. 

It was worth all of the effort, and they missed the slight imperfections. I’m going to chill out now after a very busy Sunday walking around the show with the children. 

28 thoughts on “Sophie Won a Prize!

  1. I actually managed to visit the show and saw ‘Sophie’ first hand (she look stunning) congratulations !!! there were some amazing pieces of handicrafts so coming third was no mean feat x

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    1. Thank you! We enjoyed looking at the other handicrafts too, I may have to think of things to enter for next year in a few different classes. (Unless I start selling my makes, in which case I can no longer enter!) X

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