How To Create It Yourself ~ Exploding Gift Box Tutorial

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I’m sure this Tutorial didn’t want to be done today…that or the Universe was telling me to leave it today and try again tomorrow, but tomorrow I’m focusing on other things, so today it is. My frustration at the constant interruptions, phone calls, Google Docs dictation translations (some of them just…

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End of August Allotment Update

It’s hard to believe our harvesting time is nearly over, the only things remaining are tomatoes,  a few beans, courgettes, a handful of carrots, beetroot round two and half a dozen red cabbages. Everything else has been brought in to be frozen (beans and brocolli), dried (onions) or pickled  (first batch of beetroot).  The allotment…… Continue reading End of August Allotment Update

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Branching Out #3 Colouring Stamped Images

As part of my Christmas craft I’ve bought a lovely set of Country Companions stamps. Anyone that follows my blog will know that I tend to ‘colour’ using chalks as they are less permanent. I decided it was time to take the leap and use pens, a much deeper level of commitment. I’m no artist,…… Continue reading Branching Out #3 Colouring Stamped Images

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Branching out #2 Jam Making

Welcome to the second part of my ‘branching out’ series, where I explore crafts I’ve not tried before. Regular followers might be surprised to read about my exploits with boiling sugar given my clumsy tendencies, but the fact I am writing this and not in A&E is a promising sign! (Luck must have been on…… Continue reading Branching out #2 Jam Making


Branching Out #1 Furniture Renovation

Welcome to the first post in my new blog series, which will focus on my expanding crafty repertoire. (I know I only finished the last series two days ago, but I’m a tad excited about this!) There are so many crafts I’d love to explore, even if they are one-offs and never get repeated. There’s…… Continue reading Branching Out #1 Furniture Renovation