V is for V Stitch

We are so close to the end of the alphabet now, it’s been almost 5 weeks since I began the A-Z of crochet. I thought it was time to return to some stitches for a couple of posts. Creating this blog series has encouraged me to try so many new techniques and patterns and it’s been great fun.

I came across the V-stitch in a Facebook crochet group, where I saw a stunning blanket made entirely from it. As I only wanted to create a small square I Googled patterns and found this tutorial by Red Heart Yarns. I followed the second one, with no chains between the stitches as I wanted quite a close texture. The pattern called for multiples of 6, but I did a quick bit of calculating and, in a fit of rebellion, made a foundation chain of 28 as my squares were all in the region of 25 stitches across. Luckily for me it worked, I am pretty certain that any even number would be OK actually. 

I quite like how the stitch looks like little grain of rice! It is basically worked by crocheting twice into one stitch, skipping 1 and crocheting 2 into the next. On the next row you crochet 2 between the 2 stitches of the row below, splitting them to make a ‘V’ shape, with a treble crochet on it’s own at each end of the row. I was particularly impressed with this stitch as the ends of my rows were about as straight as I’ve ever managed to make them!

The v stitch may not be the most exciting or intricate stitch, but I think it looks quite pretty and it works up so quickly if you want a change from basic treble crochet.  There are also other variations where you chain between the 2 stitches making the V, giving a really open texture. (It reminds me of the kind of stitch you might see on a beach cover up.) This yellow square which I made a while back also uses v stitch but in the round rather than just rows.

Have you ever used v stitch in a project? What else would you use it for?

17 thoughts on “V is for V Stitch

  1. This stitch looks awesome, I’ve never tried it but it looks simple enough. Maybe I should do a sampler blanker with a square in each different type of stitch πŸ™‚

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