W is for Waffle

Sadly this post is not devoted to my favourite dessert in Frankie and Benny’s  (which brings back memories of my student days and lunchtime specials after half day lectures on Mondays). Nor is it about my ability to waffle on about random stuff (especially yarn) to anyone who’ll listen.

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However, the waffle stitch could almost be described as ‘delicious’, if wool were edible and didn’t make your teeth squeak (I will never forget that feeling but it didn’t stop me chewing my jumper sleeves as a child!) It is a really easy stitch and works up very quickly as it only consists of treble crochet, with a two row repeating pattern. I tried a chart from a book first, but hated the way the ends of the rows turned out so I frogged it.  I then found this tutorial by Bella Coco and I much preferred the way the row ends were straighter. It only uses a chain 1 to move to the next row, rather than the chain 3 used in my first attempt (the ends of the rows looked like they had small caterpillars attached!) I’m not happy with the last row of the square and if I did it again I would just continue the waffle stitch into the last row what than finish with a row of all trebles (I actually did half trebles as trebles made the square too big). 

An unblocked and inedible waffle

It looks like a super warm stitch for a blanket and I know it’s used for wash cloths too. I think I’d get bored if I made a whole blanket using it though! (I must work on my attention span.)

Have you ever made anything using a waffle stitch? How did you work the last row to make sure it was finished neatly?

18 thoughts on “W is for Waffle

  1. I have never made anything with the waffle stitch, however I have seen it many times. I’m not really sure that I like this stitch, especially made into a whole blanket. The wash cloth wouldn’t make me happy either as I like mine smooth. I like the color of your square and the white border is very nice. Great post! 😃

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