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Sunday Sevens #11

Welcome to my weekly update, where I’ve chosen 7 photos which show what I’ve been up to. Natalie at threads and bobbins came up with the idea, it’s good to share things inside and outside of my crafty world!

1) It’s mine and Dave’s 6th wedding anniversary, which apparently is the ‘sugar’ anniversary. Of course this gave me a lot of cardmaking inspiration! What better theme for an anniversary card than love hearts. I hand embossed the hearts and letters using an empty ballpoint pen, sanded the embossed areas and went over with a pink brush tip marker topped off with some chalk to soften it. The card base had pink metallic card on so it looked like a tube of love hearts sweets too. He was suitably impressed!

2) We went to a National Trust property for a family day out, this time it was Gunby Hall near Skegness. We’d never been, so it was lovely to explore somewhere new. The grounds were beautiful and we went on the long walk around the Ice House lake. We saw and heard lots of crickets in the long grass, and came across this (rather dead) tree, which looked very striking against the blue sky.

3) On our walk we also found some rabbit warrens, it was odd to see so many in a row like that. We were careful not to go too near as the ground was a minefield of these and a trip to a and e with a broken ankle wasn’t on the list of things to do.

4)Whilst exploring the grounds we came across this fairy door. We all thought it was quite exciting and decided to take a photo. Sadly no one was home, perhaps they were playing croquet on the lawns. (We were tempted but there was a bit of a queue.)

5) We then moved on to Gibraltar Point, which is a nature reserve just South of Skegness. The sun was blazing down and the views from the new visitor centre were amazing. I tried to capture them as a panorama, as you can see right across the Wash to Norfolk from there, and you can also see the mixture of marsh, grass and sand dunes. You can just about see the sea and sand in the distance (only just but I promise it’s there!)

6) We took a long walk around the Nature Reserve and this is the view looking back inland, to the left is the Coastguard Cottage and the visitor centre is on the right. It is fairly new, as the tidal surge in December 2013 damaged the old so much they decided to build a new one on stilts. We are also members of the Wildlife Trust, and plan to visit more of their nature reserves as the children seem to get so much from it.

7) As well as chocolates (because it is a sweet anniversary), Dave also bought me this book. I was very impressed, as I’m a big fan of Harry Potter. I can’t wait to get my teeth into it, though I have a busy week coming up with cards to make (and Dave’s birthday!)

I hope you’ve had a lovely week, I do love the school holidays because of all the things we get to do that we are too busy for in term time.

25 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #11

  1. I hope you both had a wonderful Anniversary and loved the card with the LoveHeart sweet style.. And Gunby Hall I have never been to either so a place to think about for a future visit..
    Love the fairy doors and I have two in my garden.. 🙂 and a little fairy house.. But those fairies are hard to spot.. Unless you are a five year old then you see them all the time 🙂
    Happy Reading too, We are big Harry Potter fans too 🙂

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