Card making

It’s All About Love

Here I am with yet another card with love hearts on. It seems to be an a ongoing theme with my cards lately!

My friend, and Jess’ godmother, recently celebrated her first wedding anniversary. We were lucky enough to be guests on her and her husband’s special day (all four of us, even though I said the children weren’t ‘ideal’ wedding guests, i.e. Mummy wanted to drink wine and act like a proper grown up for a night). As always I planned ahead and collected a memento of the wedding to use in the first anniversary card. This time, rather than the usual ribbon, it was some burgundy cord which had been used to wrap the presents left on the tables to entertain the children during the speeches. 

The card was a simple design, made in the couple’s wedding colour. I die cut some mats and punched hearts, attaching one with foam tape for added depth. I then used the cord I had saved to make a small bow. Attaching it was easier said than done and the colour ran when I used tacky glue. In the end I went for all purpose glue and it worked (although I had to buy some more because my first tube had gone missing!)

If I hadn’t had to faff with glue this would literally have been a 5 minute make. It was really simple, but I actually quite like the fact it isn’t overly fussy. It doesn’t even have a sentiment on it so it could be suitable for many ‘lovey’ occasions. 

16 thoughts on “It’s All About Love

  1. It’s amazing what we can create with simple stuff. At the same time, it’s interesting to see how “simple” works can turn out to be quite taxing. But it’s all about love, not money!

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