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My Little Crafter

This week my little Crafter, William, started school. It’s safe to say that so far all is good and he loves it. He goes in the morning full of beans and comes back out with lots to tell us. 

He is also a lucky boy who has been invited to three 5th birthday parties, and naturally he wanted to make the cards-one of his favourite phrases is “I fancy doing some craft”. It’s something I dread hearing as I really don’t like the mess which craft with children inevitably creates. (I know I shouldn’t admit that but it’s true!)

He chose which dies we should use to create the main images, chose the colours and told me what else he thought needed adding. (That boy is demanding and I had to do some serious rummaging to find ‘sparkly snowflakes’.) It was quite sweet as he thought about what his friends would like and the colours he thought would be right for each one. 

Once I’d die cut the images, he glued them down and added his embellishments! I also cut the corrugated card for the camper van card front, though he was responsible for all of the assembly. His embellishments are often a bit ‘generous’ but this time he managed to show a modicum of restraint and just added a handful. 

I thought he did quite a nice job and he wrote his name very neatly inside them too. Not bad for a four year old. (I’m not letting him near the pyrography set just yet though!)

28 thoughts on “My Little Crafter

  1. Oh, I have SO enjoyed this post … even to the point of crying with joy. Let’s just say that no tears down my face were involved, but there was a certain dampness around the lower rims of my eyes.

    I know EXACTLY what you mean about crafting with little ones. I swear that each time I craft with my Grandson I loose a dozen brain cells and age another two years. Although mind, the plus side is that I sleep well when we’ve done it. LOL.

    Fabulous post Mrs.C. Loved every moment of it. ~ Cobs. x

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      1. Yes we took her on her first day, in her last class we had to take her into her
        class every day.. This time they gathered the class in the play ground and got them in a line and said parents etc could not come in as they wanted them to settle in.. She was nervous but went in by herself ok.. Now she is fine, so this I think was the first intro to the classroom for parents.. So we were honoured it happened on our school run.. And all the children were buzzing..

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