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 The Tale of a Tail

Happy Friday everyone, I’m typing this blog post in the day time in peace as I didn’t get a call for work (apparently all of the teachers are fit and well and don’t need a stand in, it is the first week of term after all!) A couple of weeks ago I shared with you the start of a mermaid tail blanket which I was making as a Christmas present. On Wednesday night I actually completed it, that’s right, a project in two weeks! That’s a rarity for me so I’m feeling pretty chuffed with myself.

It felt like it took an age to get it long enough, and my four year old was pretty fed up of being used as a measuring post! They say a watched kettle never boils and I’m almost certain that it should be ‘a measured project never grows’. Not to worry, we got there in the end. Being me of course, I didn’t follow the patterns exactly because that would be a bit boring, wouldn’t it? I changed the shells from 3tr ch1 3tr to 5tr. I just thought the stitches looked too cramped for my liking in the original pattern, possibly because of the hook size I was using. Anyway, it looked better (in my opinion) so I stuck with it. 

The fin itself was one of my favourite parts. I ‘almost’ followed the pattern, but I made it twice as big because I wanted it to look fancy! It was one of those moments where you finish it and think ‘what the heck is this?’ because it really didn’t look like a tail. It looked like a sort of wonky chevron. The magic happened when I gathered the top edge before sewing it on. Once tug of the tapestry needle and it was transformed, from ugly duckling to beautiful swan. Attaching it had to be done twice a single didn’t use pins to hold it originally and it went a bit wonky. Never mind, you live and learn.

Now all I have to do is wash it! Keep your fingers crossed for me that nothing unravels (it shouldn’t as I used magic knots to join but you never know!) 

(I wouldn’t normally share photos of Christmas presents but my friend, who asked me (very nicely!) to make it, was happy for me to share it as the little girl won’t see it!) 

43 thoughts on “ The Tale of a Tail

  1. The tail looks fantastic! 🙂
    I am like you, I don’t always follow a pattern to a “T”. Sometimes you just got to go with your gut and what looks good to you. Sometimes I change a pattern to bring it down to my crocheting skill level.

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  2. Oh. My. Goodness! How BEAUTIFUL is that!! I can’t believe how quickly you made it. Ohhh, I’m sure your friend is so thrilled with it, and her little girl will LOVE it when she sees it.

    I think you could make a fortune selling these. There are both little girls and big ones who would want one of these in their lives.
    Both the mermaid tale and you are truly amazing. Very well done on a most incredible project. (Adore the colours too. They’re kind of ‘magical’)
    Sending love and squidges ~ Cobs. x

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  3. Wow! This is just a dream blanket for any girl of any age 🙂 Very beautiful and creative! Maybe I should try knitting one day…


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