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Guess Where I’m Going?

Mr Craft has earned himself some serious husband points today. He’s taking me on holiday this weekend without the kids (I love them dearly but we’ve never been away on our own!) We’re going to North Yorkshire which can only mean one thing. Yarndale! He’s got it all organised in secret, booked a weekend off work, sorted a campsite and organised childcare.

I’m so flipping excited, I’ve never been and so wanted to go and now it’s finally happening! Now to pack the required warm clothes for camping in late September…

I feel a super duper blog post coming on after the weekend too. Watch this space!

28 thoughts on “Guess Where I’m Going?

  1. Man that sounds amazing! What a fab husband you have! I would probably cry from happiness if my partner managed to get something organised like that! I have always wanted to go to Yarndale, but its so far away! My partner sort of likes to knit when he feels like it (so can be enthusiastic about yarn) and I have managed to get him to craft shows but yarndale is just a bit too far away for him to be interested! I hope you have an absolutely amazing weekend! I cant wait to hear all about it!

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  2. Fab.Enjoy! I went last year but can’t this time.My friends are having a stall there too.They are called Tile Productions and make ceramic buttons and tags.Hope the sun shines for you.You may need to purchase a wooly junper.:)

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