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I’m Back!

After a lovely weekend away I’m back home, with a sack load of tales to tell and goodies to share once I’ve taken photos.

For now, though, here’s a photo of the view I had this morning from the campsite.  I think you will agree it is stunning, even in the rain. I never tire of sights like this and they are almost impossible to capture fully on camera.

Back to reality now, but I’m feeling refreshed and inspired. I got a lot more sleep in the tent than I do at home, mainly due to the fact I was child free!

Looking forward to telling you all about Yarndale and our Yorkshire adventure soon. Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend too.

14 thoughts on “I’m Back!

  1. GREAT to have you back … and it sounds like you’ve repowered and are ready to take on the world. (well… perhaps not the world but YOUR world).

    LOVE the photo and can agree … photo’s never capture the great moment you’re actually ‘in’ when you press the shutter button. But … it’s still a fabulous photo and makes me want to go and put up a tent in the farmers field around the corner here, and wake up with the baaaa’s of the sheep.
    Sending love ~ Cobs. x

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    1. Thanks for the lovely comment, there’s something really awesome about camping. I once read that camping helps to reset the body clock and I can quite see how that would work. I went to sleep much earlier with no electronics and so on to keep me awake with social media. X

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