A Naughty Little Something

It’s that time of year, Facebook is full of people’s baking efforts for Macmillan coffee mornings and my house has been no exception. I’ve been planning it for weeks as it’s my son’s first year at school and I don’t want to show him up with terrible baking efforts. (I know baking posts from me are rare-baking doesn’t tend to go hand in hand with trying to lose weight!)

I’ve gone for the cakes that were the most popular at both children’s christenings. They are inspired by after eight mints and, according to Mr Craft, the best ones I make. There are a lot of ways to make chocolate sponge and here’s mine:

Weigh out the eggs (I used 3)

Weigh out that amount of sugar and baking margarine.

Weigh out 3 quarters of that amount of self raising flour and 1 quarter cocoa.

I go for the all in one method of mixing because, quite frankly, I am lazy. This mix made 20 cakes and I baked them at 180Β° for 16 minutes.

The icing is made using the very technical ‘guessy’ method. I put some baking margarine in a bowl, added icing sugar, a tiny amount of gel food colouring and some peppermint essence and mixed, adding more sugar and a dash of milk until it was the right consistency. I then piped the icing (badly) on top of the cakes and played a fab game of icing roulette. This time every cake got icing, other times I’m not so lucky! They were topped off with halved after eight mints and left to set.

I’m what many would call a haphazard baker, but they have got the Mr Craft seal of approval so we will send them in to school in the morning!

23 thoughts on “A Naughty Little Something

  1. Dear Mrs Craft,
    I’m aware the vacancy of quality control has now been filled …but as a member of the infection control team I insist on a sample for my audits
    Kindest Regards
    PS they look scrumptious

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  2. Hey . I have planned on starting a bake off a way to collab with different bloggers on a weekly basis. Would you like to become a part of this collab . It’s a great way to spread word about you blog and to get more readers to read you post.
    If you accept I will send you the details.

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    1. That’s very kind of you, thank you, but I only bake for special events as I have limited time. I have followed your blog though so I can see what everyone else makes. 😊


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