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Positive Ponderings

October seems such a gloomy month, the nights are drawing in so rapidly that summer seems a distant memory and the weather doesn’t know whether it’s coming or going. There are various things that have made me feel like the weather too, like work  (or lack of), and my efforts at losing weight. I’ve mentioned briefly before that I am a Slimming World member and whilst I have had so little work I’ve really focused on exercise and healthy eating because I’ve actually had the time for it.

Yesterday the weather here was really lovely, the skies were completely clear and the bright sunshine illuminated the many colours of nature in autumn so beautifully that I couldn’t have captured them on camera. I felt positive, even though there were things on my mind. At the moment I am in one of my resilient phases, as though I am surrounded by an invisible rubber sphere. Things that might bother me simply bounce off; the car failed it’s MOT but we just got on with it, rather than mourning the depletion of the savings account.  The phone didn’t ring for work, so I braved hoovering under the children’s beds (not a job for the faint hearted, although I did discover various books and toys that I thought were long gone!) and put a couple of unwanted items on eBay.  The feeling of strength from dealing with situations in this way snowballs, making that shield more powerful each time. 

Life isn’t always like that, sometimes it’s really hard to stay strong, to just let things bounce off. There are times when other people know your weak point and play on it, the kind of people you don’t need in your life but for whatever reason you can’t shake off. My Slimming World journey has been like that, so many ups and downs it’s unreal. I have been on track for 8 weeks with no blips, not that long but better than I have done in a really long time. That little defence shield that makes it easier to say no to foods that I know want help me to lose weight, and I’m trying to hold on to the feeling of success which comes from seeing those numbers drop each week. I’m sure there will come a point where I need to draw upon my inner strength to keep my journey moving in the right direction.

When it’s hard to see the positives and things seem dark, a little tiny good thing is easy to miss and overlook. Today was really rainy and horrible (the total opposite of yesterday) but the sun came out this afternoon and when I went to feed the chickens I noticed some flowers standing strong despite the inclement weather. I was a bit busy (and to be honest, covered in chicken poo) to take a photo so I did what any sensible person does and went to take a photo in the dark using the flash on my camera. 

It’s been nibbled a bit by something but I don’t mind sharing.  When things seem tough and my resilience is low I will think of that flower, shining bright in the dark, and pick myself up. 

What keeps you going when things seem tough? 

19 thoughts on “Positive Ponderings

  1. Chocolate. Family. Friends. And chocolate. Probably shouldn’t have mentioned the chocolate. Replace the chocolate with lentils. Or celery? Both are super. Actually, I firmly believe that however things seem stacked against you, a bit of positive action will always make you feel better, more positive, more in control of your destiny. Hoovering under things definitely counts as positive action!

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    1. Absolutely! Chocolate isn’t banned, you’re just allowed the tiniest portion so it barely seems worth bothering with 😂 I’m trying hard with the positive action. I’m not sure everyone else felt the same about my hoovering as they (Mr Craft and Jess) retreated downstairs when I got the hoover out. I must try some positive action in the form of job hunting/joining another agency/becoming a crafting superstar!

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      1. It’s funny how hoovering can seem angry sometimes! Fingers crossed that things will work out for you. Go for crafting superstar. It’s got to be a fun job!

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      2. I could have my own TV channel and all sorts! What fun! I’m sure I will find a job. In the mean time I get to do the school run more than I thought I would, and Christmas craft is coming along nicely (at least the things for other people!)

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  2. Well, since you asked, crafting! I get a lot of positive energy from sitting down for a bit and doing something creative. Sometimes it’s hard to get inspired, though. But if I look at my craft supplies I can usually come up with something to do that might even be a quick project that will bring instant satisfaction. I get through the gloomy days like this. Doing something creative can be as simple as just making an interesting dinner. Please, whatever you do, don’t despair over finding work. I’ve walked in your shoes and know how I felt when I was looking for something. I can’t really say there’s a magical secret to getting in the right mindset to keep looking when you haven’t found something for a time. Sometimes it’s enough to just say “my job is to find a job” and just go through the motions of looking for one (reading ads, prepping CVs, sending them, talking with people, etc.).

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    1. Thanks for the lovely comment. I rely on crafting a lot too. It’s very hard to rely on someone else (like the agency!) to get me work every day. Luckily I have a couple of days here and there but only until Christmas. I just need to find the perfect job, it’s just knowing what that might be and maybe finding a stop gap whilst hunting. Happy crafting! 😊

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  3. Wow, 8 weeks with no blips, I think that’s brilliant!! I’m trying to lose weight but it does just seem to hover!! When I’m down I try and get outside for a walk, even a short one with the dogs, there’s usually something beautiful to see, even if it’s just rain dripping off leaves, but rainbows are the best 🙂

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  4. I like to make things too. I really like a walk somewhere green. I also really enjoying making a big pot of something yummy like chicken soup or stew to share with the boyfriend. I’m ill at home today and I know I must be pretty unwell as I have no interest in cooking or walking, or making things really. Keep going MrsCraft.

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    1. Oh no, get well soon! I suspect my impatience may play a part in my struggle, and a tendency to look at the negatives. I’m sure the right thing will happen at the right time eventually. 😊

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  5. I know it’s easy to say but try to look at things in a different, more positive light. I struggled with depression for over 30 years, with ups and downs, sometimes long breaks before I went down again. When I was made redundant, that was the last straw.
    That’s also when I decided that I had to do something about my way of seeing things otherwise I would drown. I tried a different approach: I was not jobless, I finally had time to myself; I was not about to lose my house, I would take a lodger or students, and that would not be an invasion of my privacy, it would enable me to meet new people. You get the drift.
    I found a part-time, minimum wage job that I though I would hate but, with this new outlook, 7 years later I am still enjoying it.
    You will find a job, it might not BE the perfect job but it doesn’t matter as long as YOU see it as perfect for you.
    You are a bright, creative, likable person. You have a family who love and support you. You will prevail.

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    1. Thank you, your comment means a lot. I’m enjoying the small things like doing the school run and meeting the other parents, something I wouldn’t have done if I’d carried on working full time. I’m sure there will be weeks where I don’t do the pick up and drop off at all as I will be busy so I’m cherishing the opportunity now. It sounds mundane but that daily walk is part of what parenthood means to me, and something I missed out on a lot in the last couple if years. I’m also enjoying the craft time and the time I gave to focus on cooking good, healthy family meals without rushing. There are lots of positives, enough to keep me going! 😊

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  6. Sometimes, when things are getting me down and/or I just can’t get off my behind and actually get work/crafts done, I take the time to do something nice for myself, if only for a little while. Make a pot of tea, read a little, surf favourite sites on the net, watch a cherished movie, sit in the sun for a few minutes if it’s sunny (to make some Vitamin D) or light a scented candle or two or three if it’s dark and gloomy (beeswax is my favourite). I might diffuse an uplifting essential oil such as citrus, or experiment with a new blend and enjoy the results. And, as others have suggested, walking in a park or woods is so rejuvenating, and I always take my camera with me. Failing that, I may visit my local garden centre and just wander amongst the plants, especially the herbs. (I’ve been known to sneak photos of their floral arrangements and gift displays, too, just ’cause they’re pretty – and they often inspire new craft ideas.) I find writing very therapeutic, too. I enjoy my alone-time, but if I want company, I may call up a friend to meet for coffee and a good chat.

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