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Woodland Inspiration

The weather here has been quite sunny again so we made the most of it and went to Belton House, a National Trust property not too far away which has an amazing adventure playground. The children were suitably filthy and worn out by the end of the day and we discovered new things. Even though we’ve been there a few times, there always seems to be something different. This time we took a different route to the playground and on the way we saw this hermitage. (There are days when I could cheerfully go to a little place like that on my own for a few hours just for some peace!)

It’s our niece’s 2nd birthday and, as always, I’d left making the card until the last minute in the hope that inspiration might strike. Fortunately it did when I was supervising the rather risky climbing which my children were participating in. We spotted a squirrel dashing up a tree and I remembered I had a squirrel on my Cricut Cindy Loo cartridge. What a perfect thing for an autumnal birthday card! (I am aware that I’m looking a bit confused with my seasons with posts jumping from autumn to Christmas and then back again, I’m putting it down to lack of sleep.) 

Once we got home and I’d hosed down (sorry, bathed) the children we had a look through my card making stash. William likes to be involved in the design and suggested a balloon too. A squirrel holding a balloon? OK, go on then. Luckily I had one on the Stretch Your Imagination cartridge, and I used the Type Candy cartridge to cut the number. I also had some acorn patterned paper that had been free in a magazine years ago which helped to inspire my card colour choices. It was quite a quick make, all I did was assemble the layers of squirrel, mat the paper on to some contrasting card and organise the images to William’s satisfaction. I used baker’s twine to attach the balloon to the squirrel but sadly it untwisted slightly overnight. It’s not too bad, just not as neat as it looked when I first did it. The balloon is stuck down with 3D foam tape for a little bit of depth.

What do you think? I quite like the little squirrel (which has his/her hands very full with an acorn and a balloon, whoops!) I don’t always use the seasons for birthday cards but it was a good excuse to use my favourite Cricut cartridge and the cute acorn papers all in one go!

38 thoughts on “Woodland Inspiration

      1. Pain in the …. (My Cricut is a bit temperamental and could probably do with a new blade and/or an owner who knows what she’s doing!) I had to try and finish the cutting with a craft knife.

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      2. You’re welcome, glad to be of service! Cricut blades are not very exciting things to buy when there are so many pretty this out there and I keep putting it off. One day I will get some.

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  1. I missed this post somehow… I do like this squirrel and patterned paper is a perfect match! At first I thought, that you’ve made and adhered all these acorns! Lol We have so many squirrels in our area, that I easily imagine them with balloons or even eating cake!

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      1. You couldn’t go wrong with such a cute card! I think creating cards for children is more tricky, than for adults!

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