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Birthday Bonanza

The end of October is a busy time for birthdays, with my son and godson having birthdays  on consecutive days. Being amazingly organised and well prepared, I ended up making them the day before my son’s birthday. I can hardly believe that my little ‘baby’ is 5 tomorrow. 5! It doesn’t seem like that long has passed, but apparently it has so I designed and made him a card to suit his current interests. 

Can you guess what he’s into? It was pretty easy to whip this one up with the Cricut, using George and Basic Shapes and Boys Will be Boys for the number.

My godson’s card was a whole different ball game. I tried to use his party invite as inspiration-it was a roadworks sign, so I immediately decided to use Boys Will be Boys as it had lots of transport. In my head it also had a road sign with a 4 on it and a nice road for the vehicles. Sounds quite simple doesn’t it?

The unique design features of this card, such as the terrifyingly huge road sign and white lines that look like they were painted by drunkards (thank you roll on tippex!) make it really ‘special’ don’t you think? The driverless truck is an additional hazard but we will ignore that. It looked a bit empty so I added some trees and flowersoft for interest. I had forgotten until now why I hadn’t used it in ages. It’s horrible stuff, I got it all over to my work area and couldn’t get it to stick to the flipping glue! (My hands, however, looked like something that had come out of a swamp.)   Me and this card have fallen out now, I’m not adding anything else and I’m not sure it’s up to my standards to actually use it. I have a backup bought card that I may have to give him instead, we’ll see how it dries! 

It’s so frustrating when you’ve tried to create something and it doesn’t turn out at all as you’ve planned. 

Have you ever had any disappointing projects? What did you do about it? Also, if you have any ideas for how to save the 4th birthday card I’d love to hear them! 

26 thoughts on “Birthday Bonanza

  1. “Have you ever had any disappointing projects? What did you do about it?”
    . . . . I live by this one rule which I wrote down on a post it note about 25 years ago when I first started sculpting:
    . . . . ‘If at first you don’t suceed, destroy all evidence that you ever tried”.

    It’s always worked for me. ๐Ÿ™‚ ~ Cobs. x

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    1. Ah, so I need to barbecue the card and pretend it didn’t happen? Might wait until the morning for that, setting off all of the smoke alarms in the area does not tend to endear a person to their neighbours! X

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  2. I had a disastrous Christmas card in July when I tried painting snowman and snow slopes with alcohol inks on gold cardstock… it was a total mess. I drew another snowman with pencil, colored it with copics, cut it out and glued above my previous one. Then I decided that I don’t like the snow slopes and cut it out again. Finally I used him on my card with completely new embossed background…
    I think your card looks cute despite this big road and white lines. I would consider putting some grass instead of white line (it will look like a big road with a grassy divider in the middle) and adding one more car (truck) driving in the opposite direction above that new grassy divider. Just to scale down the road. I think you can leave this sign as it is. I really hope that it can help you save this card, as I like the idea. And hand-made card is always something special!
    I also like your first card – perfect example of a CAS card for a child!

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    1. Thank you, I agree the scale is out, I should just get bigger card blanks. My Cricut is only being used standalone at the moment so I can’t flip the images to make a car go the other way, I like the idea though so I’ll have a think about how to adapt it. I thought other vehicles might help too. Thanks for the fab ideas x

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      1. I’m not familiar with this type of Cricut… I’m using only Cuttlebug, but I can guess that if you are cutting the images, you can cut it out of two-sided card and just flip it over maybe?

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  3. Sorry I missed this yesterday. Probably too late for any suggestions, but as a quick change I would maybe just add some silver hub caps (I think that is what they are!) to the truck wheels to break up the black a bit. Maybe a headlight too? I think you are worrying too much though – kids will love this!

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    1. Yes, hub caps! I may have to hand cut or punch them as my Cricut blades is on its last legs and tears the metallic layer. His party is tomorrow, I have a tiny bit of time to adapt it. We’ve been out for my son’s birthday so no time for it so far! Thanks for the suggestion.

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      1. Die/hand cut circles would do, maybe with another smaller black circle inside? Unless you have a cog shape, which would also work fine.

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  4. I think both cards are wonderful.

    When I feel disappointed by a project, I just set it aside and forget about it for a month. I think how the person will appreciate it regardless of wether I think it is bad. Then it doesn’t feel nearly as disappointing!

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