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Birthday Upgrade

You might recall my post from Friday, written in despair as there was quite a difference between my plan and the finished article. Lots of lovely bloggers helped me out with suggestions, and this morning I got up nice and early (not through choice) and had a little play.

The town truck has had a bit of a makeover, from standard model to luxury. (If it was biger I’d have added the leather seats and built in sat nav.) I added a brand spanking new set of alloys, and a chrome grill and door handle. Very swish! I’ve also included a photo of the owl die which  I used to make all of the car accessories, can you guess which bits I used? (I nearly sold the die on eBay as I hadn’t used it, I think I will kkeep hold of it for now!)

It’s still not quite perfect as a whole but the truck looks an awful lot better. I really must order new Cricut blades so I can cut effectively with it, rather than it just tearing all of my lovely paper. 

Thanks again for all of your wonderful ideas, I’m hoping it goes down well! 

11 thoughts on “Birthday Upgrade

  1. Ahhhh… yes!
    I really liked the card you’d made, and thought it was great for a little boy. BUT … now you’ve made the changes, I REALLY love the card!

    It’s perfect. Totally. A truly GREAT make. Fabulous little touches which brings everything together perfectly.
    Well done!

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