A Purely Selfish Project

You may recall from my post Yarndale, Camping and More, that I treated myself to some sock yarn and double pointed needles when I was there. I haven’t tried a knitting project for absolutely ages (in fact I think my last attempt was the lace cardigan saga!

I decided, having worked for months on projects for other people, to join in with the sock trend and start on a pair for me. As it was my first pair of socks, it seemed sensible to make them for myself as my feet are always there to check measurements.  (I know that’s obvious but there’s nothing quite as disappointing as making something completely the wrong  size!)

The first sock took me 2 days to make, and whilst making it I realised why I don’t knit very much. It only had 44 stitches in the round but it’s a lot harder to keep track of them than the 1 stitch you work with at a time in crochet! (Double pointed needles add an extra challenge to keeping all of the stitches where they are meant to be.)

However, I learned a lot about sock construction and picking up stitches, so it was worth doing. The best part was when I tried it on and it was a perfect fit! Now to make another one exactly the same. Wish me luck!

33 thoughts on “A Purely Selfish Project

  1. Ooh good sock! I have heard they are quite tricky to make – m mum still shivers when she mentions shaping the heel!! Here’s to the safe delivery of an identical twin.

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  2. This is a lovely sock, I do hope the other one matches. I would really like to try sock making (perhaps this coming autumn would be a good time to start). I can’t crochet but knitting I can manage and just 44stitches, I think I might be able to manage that too (or not, of course) but I’ll try. Thank you for the inspiration.

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    1. Thank you, I’m hoping for a good match. 44 isn’t too many to keep track of, it’s just when you’ve got 8 ends of needles they can drop off that panic sets in! 😊


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