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The Great Tidy Up of 2016

Craft has been put on the back burner again, in fact this post is nothing to do with craft at all, it comes more under the heading crazy plans. After the party last weekend we had a huge heap of presents and a very lucky boy. Our house is small, more of a starter home than a family home, and we had to make room. Rather than just clearing a space we decided to rearrange the whole downstairs of the house (literally-the only thing still in the same place is the sofa!) I’m not sure whether this redesign counts as the pre Christmas massive sort out, which normally happens in the first weekend of December when the tree goes up. I’m predicting more re jigging between now and then.

Obviously we tidy up, otherwise we’d be in  a real mess, but there’s tidying and there’s tidying. The former is basically heaping all of the toys back into the toy area and putting the clothes away. The latter is a full blown operation involving bags of unwanted items being sold or given to charity shops, the bins being filled a whole week before they are due to be collected (#firstworldproblems) and covert operations to remove toys which the children have outgrown but are determined to keep (facebook selling sites are a marvellous invention but arranging collection times for when the children are in bed is an absolute must!)

The conservatory is the new toy area, which seemed like quite an excellent plan until we realised we had no storage for the toys. Nothing. Just heaps of toys. This morning the children and I went for a little outing to B&M (for non UK followers it’s a bargain shop where you can buy pretty much anything, the kind of shop where you go for a laundry basket and come out with a jar of jalapenos, some toothpaste and 5 rolls of wallpaper). This was yet another ‘crazy plan’ as the storage aisle was past the flipping Christmas aisle. I had my son with me even though it’s a school day as he couldn’t go today because he was sick yesterday and got sent home. It obviously hadn’t affected him as he was so incredibly well that he cleaned the loo with my mascara and crushed bronzing pearls into every available surface when he went upstairs ‘for a poo’. Anyway, he thought it was a marvellous place and is now incredibly excited about Christmas. The only thing they didn’t sell in B&M was a Santa cam. I really need one, though judging by the toys he got for his birthday he probably won’t care if Santa brings him coal.

Once we got home I began to construct the wonderful new unit which was going to revolutionise the toy area and ensure all toys were tidy at all times (at least for a couple of hours). It was a simple task, made easier by my little helper passing me the screws (he was creeping to get a toy back off the top of the cupboards which I’d confiscated after the mascara/toilet incident). Once I started filling the little tubs with toys I discovered that if you even touched one of them they all fell down into each other, domino style. Feeling a bit half hearted by that point but also determined to make at least a path to the door, I carried on. After all, if they dropped down when they were full there wasn’t as far to go. (I’m going to buy some sticky velcro to attach the tubs to the rails (imagine 4 ‘shelves’ made of rails with storage tubs ptecariously balanced at an angle across them-it’s a bit like playing Ker Plunk every time you remove a toy). The good news is we can now see the floor, the bad news is there’s still a lot of toys to find homes for. (Hopefully in someone else’s home, via eBay-obviously not the new birthday toys!)

I feel quite frankly exhausted now everything has moved, even my craft ‘stuff’ has a new home. A rearrange has been quite refreshing, though I have (well justified!) concerns about the children having open access to their craft box. (Scissors and paint are out of reach but self adhesive foam pirate shapes weren’t part of my interior decor design, despite the childrens’ best efforts.) A hot chocolate is on the cards now, along with a spot of sewing on the advent calendar.

12 thoughts on “The Great Tidy Up of 2016

  1. Toy Ker-Plunk sounds like great fun! If you are a visitor and do not have to clean up afterwards… I have to say though, cleaning the toilet with your mascara had me laughing a lot!! In fact I will probably think of it every time I put mascara on now!

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  2. Shampooing the rug with finger paints was a particularly..messy memory from my older son’s childhood…I was reduced to being both incoherent and speechless..!!

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    1. I think I would feel the same, where do they get these ideas from?! That’s one of the reasons why we’ve left the laminate floor downstairs even though it needs replacing. We’ve still got one to toilet train so it may be a while before we get carpet!

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      1. Laminate’ s a lot more practical, just in case of accidents. Oh reminded me of when he got hold of some scissors and made a snowflake out of a £20 note…keep scissors under lock and key until they are at least 17-lol!!

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