A Jumper Fit For a … Monkey!

Christmas gift making is in full swing now, and although the advent calendar isn’t quite finished  (the kids won’t care about the numbers anyway!), I’ve started planning my next project.

I am very lucky to have two lovely Godsons. They do not travel alone; their companions are called Monkey and Duck. Monkey and Duck are very well loved, so well loved that they are beginning to wear thin (especially Monkey, who is 4 years old-that’s a lot of cuddles). Their mummy, when asked what they would like for Christmas, asked for jumpers for Monkey and Duck to save them from having to wear baby vests to protect their now delicate fabric. I was more than happy to oblige, and kidnapped/borrowed Monkey at my Godson’s birthday party to take his measurements. (Obviously when the birthday boy was otherwise engaged and didn’t notice!) Duck is from the same place so his measurements I’m presuming will be about the same.

Monkey, in his undignified ‘being measured’ position

Now comes the design process (the fun part). I’m ambitiously going to make 4 jumpers, a Christmas one for each toy and a ‘rest of the year’ one. The Christmas ones will have a fair isle pattern and the other ones are still in the planning stage! I knitted up a gauge swatch and did some calculating to work out how many stitches and rows I should need to make them the right size, and I’ve begun to write the pattern.  I also got out the graph paper to design my own fair isle patterns as the repeats need to be over my pattern’s number of stitches and rows.

Might have to test these out!

At this point I have a lot of admiration for pattern writers. I’m glad I’ve started writing this one now as I’ll be ready to knit once the advent calendar is finished. I’m actually really excited  (and hoping that they turn out the right size with a little bit of room for Monkey’s Christmas dinner!) 
What more could a teddy want than a made to measure Christmas jumper?

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