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WIP Wednesday

There is only one WIP this week, the advent calendar. The end of this marathon is in sight and I seem to be picking up speed now. I also seem to be developing sore fingers as the backing fabric is so thick.

This week I have managed to attach the rows of pockets, sew on the fabric borders and begin to attach the numbers. In the photo instructions, the numbers are in order, but I decided to do a mixed up order so that the kids (OK just William, aged 5) have to look for the number each day.

The thing in pocket 12 is the cotton for sewing the rest of it together, it seemed a handy little storage place!

I’m so relieved that the bulk of the sewing is done now, it’s lovely seeing it come together (even with a few imperfections). I’m regretting buying it slightly less now too!

What are you working on? Are you in full on Christmas mode or just pretending it’s not happening until December arrives?

24 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. It looks super. Good idea to mix up the numbers a bit, even if it just means a few more moments of anticipation. It will be worth all the effort because now the job is done for next year and many more!

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  2. Looks great, I made one for my kids, they still love it and they’re 19 & 21!! One suggestion, I used to buy kits to make models and divide it into 24, so they made something over advent, I did have to be careful to give them in the right order mind!

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  3. This is looking lovely and well done you for sticking with it. I am all flowered out, made so many flowers etc for our vow renewal that I am now sick of seeing them. Just gone back to some book folding for a change.

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  4. This looks lovely. Very neat! I have just completed an advent calendar today – I designed it myself and used a book for the cross stitch patterns.

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