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What Happens When…

You leave a 2 year old in charge of card design?

This is the answer! Little Miss has a party to go to later so we made a card ourselves.  (I say we, but I was fiercely told ‘do it by self’ whenever I attempted to provide helpful suggestions so it is mainly her own work!)

She chose the castle (and helped me turn the handle on the die cutter), the pink card and the flower. The number 3 is improvised by turning a very curly ‘w’ on it’s side! The positioning of everything was all down to her, and she chose the stickers and pearls from a selection I presented to her. I tried to encourage a ‘less is more’ approach, but she is still little and the temptations of all the pretty things in my craft box proved too much! (I think many of us grown ups experience similar feelings when crafting sometimes too.)

I think some of my words of ‘wisdom’ may have gone in as she talked to herself whilst sticking ‘this one goes here, yep, no, not enough room there.’ There was some planning involved on her part despite the chaotic appearance, and it is reasonably colour coordinated! She was a bit heavy handed with the pearls but they were a Poundland bargain so I’ll let her off. 

I think I have a little designer in the making! (I must hide the craft stuff better from now as she knows where I keep it.)

47 thoughts on “What Happens When…

  1. Oh, Mrs. Craft, this brought back fun memories of helping my kids craft! “Less is more” is such a difficult concept – I remember helping a 3rd grade class with scrapbooks, and several of them just just couldn’t quite grasp the meaning behind the words.

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  2. I believe this card is a good example of ‘living the dream’! Who would not want to live in a home like that? It is pink, it has turrets, and surrounded by a sky made of butterflies and pearls. Heavenly!

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  3. I think that card is BRILLIANT!

    It’s co-ordinated. It’s balanced. The dream castle is in the sky (as any good dream castle should be) and the big ‘heavy’ flower is down in the lower half, where weight should be.

    As for the gorgeous little flowers and butterflies … fabulous!.
    Flowers would be floaing around in a dream scene, and the butterflies would be there to make people smile and sniff the flowers! Finally … the Pearls. Any Decent Young Lady is obliged to have Pearls. I’m only ever seen with pearls in my ears.

    Your young crafter has a natural talent. ๐Ÿ™‚ I think we should all be very worried!
    shaking in her boots ~ Cobs.

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      1. Laughing like an absolute drain here!!!

        Ohhhhh bless her. She’s another one like daughter No.2 (of mine). She was helping one year to decorate the Christmas Tree – (she was about six or seven) and she wanted to hold some of the very old, glass baubles to put on the tree. At first I said no (because I knew what she’s like) but she began to throw a wobbly, so in the interests of keeping it all light and lovely, I held a bauble in my hand and held her hand in my other. “Sweetheart, I’m going to let you hang this one on the tree, but …. you MUST be very careful with it. You see, although it doesn’t look like it, it’s actually MADE OF GLASS! So you mustn’t squeeze it or hold it too tight. Just hold it gently. Ok?” “Ok” she replied.

        I KNEW I was doing the wrong thing.

        I gave her the bauble, and said, “there you go…. hang it on the tree!”

        I turned my head to reach into the box and pick up another bauble…. CRRRACCKKKKKK! shattered glass all over the place, a cut finger and a sudden sound of “whaaaaaaaaaaaaa” because she’d done the very thing I told her not to do.

        I’d inherited that bauble, and it was so old that we believe it was worth around ยฃ100.00 ($124 US dollars).

        While I was bathing her finger and putting a plaster on it, I asked her why she’d done it. She said it was because she didn’t believe I “was tellin d twufe”. She didn’t believe that the bauble really was glass.

        She still remembers the whole thing today, and says that she really didn’t believe that the bauble could be glass.

        Kids! Love ’em …. but couldn’t eat a whole one.

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      2. Oh gosh, what a tale, bless her! My baby is just heavy handed with most things bless her, but those dimple hands are too adorable and I will miss them when she grows up. x x

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  4. Such a nice dreamy card! She is very talented! You don’t have to hide your stuff, leave some available for her at any time and your little princess will be busy creating!

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    1. Thank you. I might make her up a little tub of things I won’t miss so she can craft on her own. I think they’d both enjoy some ready made die cuts to make their own pictures and cards. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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