Monkey Jumper Mk1

Well, a lot of ‘really hard maths’, a fair amount of measuring and a steep learning curve later I have produced the first of 4 jumpers for Monkey and Duck. The next ones should be easier now the pattern has been written, and there aren’t many tweaks I need to make really.

My experience of colour work is ‘limited’ so I had to do a bit of research after I made the back and decided the fair isle patterns looked a bit ropey. I was much happier with the front and also learned how to carry the unused yarn, thus avoiding having a billion ends to tie off. I also had to adapt my fair isle design for the sleeves as Monkey has quite short arms (here’s hoping I measured right!) and the original pattern wouldn’t have been finished before the decrease rows. 

The final part was knitting a base as Monkey is wearing thin all over. Losing stuffing from one’s bottom is quite undignified so I thought I’d save him from the embarrassment. It does have leg and tail holes though!

I consulted Monkey’s owner’s Mummy (are you still following this?) about fastenings and we decided buttons were ok if attached securely  (his head is quite large so a fixed neck hole would have potentially led to problems). I was a bit disappointed about not achieving a nice round neckline, but because I’m working on a fairly small scale in double knit there aren’t many rows to work with on shaping. 

I’d better crack on and knit 3 more now. (Really hoping Monkey likes his new wardrobe when it’s finished!) 

If you have any suggestions for how to make the neckline round please share, now I’ve got the basics down I’m looking to make it even better.

Proudly linking up with Janine at Rainbow Hare and Wool On Sundays.

31 thoughts on “Monkey Jumper Mk1

  1. That has to be one of the most adorable things I have ever seen! Well done, really clever 🙂 no suggestions though as I had to re-purpose on old sock for a cuddly toy coverall..

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  2. Aw! That’s really cute. Well done. Lucky Monkey. I think the easiest thing to do with the round neck is take a look at a pattern with a round neck to get an idea of the way they work – you basically knit each side separately decreasing gradually on the neck edge as you go.

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      1. Yes, it’s all maths in the end 🙂 I’m sure you’ll suss it, and the best thing is, you can always pull knitting undone and start again if you get it wrong. Look forward to seeing Monkey’s round neck outfit.

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  3. This is so brilliant I can’t think what to say! The most adorable piece of knitting I’ve seen! I suppose you could slip some centre stitches onto a holder and work the sides of the neck front then pick the stitches up (like a human jumper) but I think you’d get a lot of thickness around the shoulders and I think the way you’ve done it will look just as good or even better on monkey or duck. I actually can’t wait to see these being modelled after Christmas 😀
    Thank you for linking up with Wool on Sundays 🙂

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    1. Thank you, I’ve not made a jumper for a person since I was 12 lol, I’m going to look for a pattern and borrow the neck shaping, converting it down to Monkey size. Thanks for the lovely comment too. 😊


  4. Honestly, hands down, one of the cleverest, most creative and cutest problem solving solutions and gifts I have seen. Properly brilliant. I hope they love it!


      1. I’ve no idea how wordpress decides which things to notify you about and which things it decides to leave to chance! Maybe I should use my laptop rather than my phone! Thanks again for the lovely comment 😊

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  5. Adorable! Sock monkeys are the thing in our household (wait … I feel a blog post coming on…). Snuggle Monkey, the oldest and the patriarch, is also wearing a bit thin and unravelling at the edges. He, too, has to wear support sweaters to keep his stuffing together. He would love this clever little number! Well done!

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  6. Awww wow! That’s just SO sweet!! I’m all wriggly and unnecessary with cute over-load.

    Well done, you amazing, clever mu.. ah, no, you aren’t the mummy in this situation are you. Hold on .. lemme think….. Oh. My. Stars!!! You’re GRANDMA!
    Laughing so much here. Granny MrsCraft. Well you don’t look a day over 26!

    LOVE the Monkey jumper! (and wondering why no one ever made my Biff a jumper when he began to go threadbare)
    Squidges being sent, from one Grammy to ….. LOLOL! Cobs. x

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    1. Lol lol. Many people mock my ‘talent’, they’ll be laughing the other side of their faces when there’s an apocalypse and they’re all naked and BEGGING me to knit them a stylish onesie. I shall reserve my itchiest wool just for them. 😂 😂 x x

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