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WIP Wednesday 

Today’s WIP Wednesday is kind of a fib, as only one thing is actually a WIP. The advent calendar was completed last week, with a touch of embroidery at the top to finish it off. I was aiming for chain stich for the text but the thread was too fluffy and kept catching so I abandoned it and went for back stitch instead. It’s OK if you don’t look too closely. I’m a bit disappointed with the overall finish, as the rows of pockets are a bit wonky. The different fabric types stretched in different ways which I found really frustrating. I think I’m going to have to call it ‘rustic’ and be done with it!

Here it is in situ with the book advent calendar

The fire is a gas one which we don’t use so I don’t mind having it hung over it. At the moment it is attached in a very refined manner with blu tack (spot the teacher!), but we are planning on using self adhesive hooks when we get some. I bought chocolate coins to go in it as I don’t like them much so I won’t be tempted to wreck the diet and eat them.

I’ve also joined the Crochet Along which Bluebird and Daisy are hosting. Part 1 consists of 5 squares like this  (2 more rounds to go on this one) and a strip along the side. It’s going to be a blanket for Mr Craft in camouflage colours. He asked for a blanket and really liked a granny square one that we saw at the village show. I could not imagine making a granny blanket for a person who is 6 foot 2 as I’d get bored. However, when I saw this CAL I thought it was a match made it heaven-lots of variety but still with the granny effect that he liked. I’m using aran yarn as I had a large ball of dark green and just ordered the other colours of Stylecraft Special aran. I’m really enjoying it so far and it’s growing fast.

I still have 2 Duck jumpers and a Monkey jumper to knit but it’s nice to have a crochet project and a knitting one on the go.

What are you working on? Top Secret gifts or things you can share? If you can share, please do, and if you can’t then drop a cryptic clue or two! 

19 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday 

  1. Well done, it is lovely. I dont know if you have looked at my bloglately but I have been working on the table decorations for when we renew our vows next year. Now though, weare getting ready to go on a cruise next week and we wont be back until late Christmas eve, so time for me to relax. Happy Christmas -x-

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  2. I’m nearly finished a granny stripe lap blanket which is my mums Christmas present and have just blocked some pieces of a hat I’m hoping will also be a present. Not sure if it’ll be the right size or not though so we’ll have to see. Also today was the first time I’ve ever blocked anything. I’m so lazy!

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  3. The blanket will be lovely
    🙂 at the moment I am working my way through a heap of organza bags my son requested to hold crystals as presents for his friends…7 down, 8 to go!

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  4. Darling don’t you know ‘folk art’ is having a huge revival ( it never really went away LOL) so simply rename your advent as folk inspired and peeps will be round it like honeybees, by the way it’s GORGEOUS so fear not 🙂
    As for Mr Crafts blanket he will adore it , Beloved still clutches at his Sherlock Holmes inspired blankie LOL

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      1. At least you have a get out clause if Mr Craft should fail to be anything less than 100% happy with his blanket ~ which I can’t imagine happening any time this millennium 🙂

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