Bringing Back the 80s

Look what I found in our church book stall! A bargain at only 50p for all of those giggles, and some cracking jumper designs.

I don’t remember these particular jumpers, but just look at the famous faces modelling them! I do recall being knitted some interesting picture jumpers as a child, though. I also had a jumper with my initial on in huge print. They really were a ‘thing’ back then and my granny and great granny both made my brother and and I special jumpers (think Thomas the Tank Engine and Co).

I’m not planning on totally reviving the 80s but I am a bit inspired. Monkey and Duck (who I am still designing jumpers for), can’t wear their Christmas jumpers all year. What more could they want than an ‘all year round’ jumper with a little picture of them on it? (OK, maybe a cartoon version!)

What do you think? Weird idea? Crazy idea? A bit of good fun? Let me know before I plunge in feet first! 

37 thoughts on “Bringing Back the 80s

  1. I find the Banana one just a little disturbing!! If I recall, Gyles Brandreth was (in)famous for his jumpers. I knew there was a reason I didn’t bother knitting in the 80’s!!

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      1. I’ve seen a sock monkey style monkey pic as a cross stitch chart that I thought I could use for Monkey, and for Duck I found a cute little Duck. I just hadn’t seen any good bananas or breadloaves. Decisions!

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      2. You could do a cartoon-y style slice of bread, just make the colour contrast between crust and middle really obvious…but ducks are good too 🙂

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      3. I’m not sure how many colours I can manage at once yet, in fact I hadn’t considered it. Maybe I will just find a nice cable stitch to do instead! Eek! This is why I am not a designer, too many choices.

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      4. Applique? But I’m sure Monkey and Duck will be very happy with whatever you decide, as long as their baldy bits are covered and stuffing contained 🙂

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  2. Yes I remember those picture knits; I remember photos of Diana wearing one and that design became a ‘must have’ here in Australia 😄. I knitted jumpers and vests for the girls that had big koalas or cockatoos on, I remember. I think some ‘picture knitting’ jumpers for Monkey and Duck would be wonderful.

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  3. I really like the banana sweater… (I am being 100% honest…and I actually would wear this one). After reading the comments I wonder if something is wrong with me.

    Is it really that bad? I am not huge fan of the other ones… but I like the banana. I think that everyone is against it because the guy is holding a pineapple.

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  4. I did knit in the 1980s. I have at least one book of picture knits I have kept (somewhere) since then. If memory serves, I think the Mona Lisa might feature somewhere! I also have some rather more credible Rowan books too though!

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    1. They were a real thing, I knew it. I have a book of my mum’s which is a collection of knitting stitches which is far more likely to be useful to me. A Mona Lisa jumper sounds complicated!

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