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Old Fashioned or Just Common Sense?

It’s cold here (well, it is December!) and the gloves are on. Experience tells me that the lovely new gloves will be lost, mislaid, kicked under the sofa or left in the car (or even worse the school cloakroom) and I’m fed up of it. It costs a surprising amount for a little set of Peppa Pig or Avengers hat, scarf and gloves and I refuse to fork out for any more this winter. (I know, I could have knitted or crocheted them but, well, I just haven’t!)

MrCraft and I talked about this and recalled our childhoods, when back in the 80s our parents definitely wouldn’t have paid out for more gloves as money, on the whole, was fairly tight. (Not to mention that our gloves were most probably made by our grandma’s, who wouldn’t have been impressed!) We both remembered having mittens on strings and decided that it worked exceptionally well. (If you can forget about the hazards associated with little boys removing their gloves from their coats and lassooing their friends!)

I bought some elastic for a grand total of 80p and attached both children’s gloves to a carefully measured length before threading them through the sleeves of their coats. My daughter  (who is going through the independent but incompetent phase and refuses help but gets her knickers in a knot when it goes wrong) was most impressed and has been parading around the house in her coat and mittens. My son was a little befuddled about why I was doing this to his brand new gloves, but has accepted it is for the best. 

Have you ever seen the lost property box in a primary school? It’s like a graveyard for gloves, none of which have a friend. My children may look like a 1980s throwback with their elasticated gloves but at least we may still have both of them until the end of winter!

Anyone else remember this?

Do you have any tips or tricks  (I cannot bring myself to use the term ‘life hacks’) from your childhood which you still use today? And did you have your gloves on strings? Feel free to share your awesome hints!

33 thoughts on “Old Fashioned or Just Common Sense?

    1. I’ve not seen a child with gloves on elastic in 10 years of teaching, but I have had to deal with several irate parents who wanted to know where their child’s (un named!) gloves were. Maybe they should just come already on elastic?


  1. When I was very young I remember having these. When I got older I refused to wear gloves because I didn’t like them. I mean that’s what long sleeves and pockets are for right?

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      1. I have the ones with flip tops as I often end up teaching in reception class and need to work outdoors and be able to write! I do love mine, I was cross when I lost one. Maybe I need elastic too?

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  2. I had my mittens on strings (well… they were on wool – the same wool as the mittens were knitted from) and both daughters No.1 and No.2 in turn had there mittens/gloves on strings too. I sewed those in – just like you have, and for the exact same reasons you have too. I got sick and tired of only one mitten/glove coming home the same day they were worn, new!

    Good for you Mrs. C.
    More power to Mums who do it themselves, and for the reasons of saving money and sanity! (and trips to the shops for more mittens).
    ~ Cobs. x

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  3. In the 1980s in America you could buy elastic cords with clips attached to them to sew into the gloves and mittens or even find gloves and mittens with them already attached. I remember being called a “freak” at school for having these when I was about 6 in 1982 but my mittens that my mother probably knitted in two days didn’t turn up missing! Weird, this post made me dream about it last night so here I am letting you know you’re on the right track but don’t dare call it old-fashioned. It must become modern fashion some time (please GAWD).

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  4. Oh yes, I definitely remember doing this. Best idea ever! I bought Jude a new coat from asda last year which he’s yet to fit into, but it came with matching mittens attached to the sleeves by poppers. That’ll be interesting as he hates wearing mittens.

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