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WIP Wednesday

Only 10 days until Christmas Eve and I’m still working on gifts. I actually have another one still to start, but it’s a quick one so hopefully I’ll have it done in no time.

The Monkey and Duck jumper production line is full flow now I’m happy with the pattern. I’ve made all of the ‘easy’ bits and I’m now onto the tricky part. I’ve not really done any work using intarsia before, or designed pictures for knitting so I’ve had another learning curve. I began by drawing on graph paper, then learned I needed proper knitting  chart paper. Thank goodness for free printables from the Internet! I redrew my designs and started knitting them tonight. The one in the photo is the start of a monkey face. Given my lack of experience I decided to make only the main part using intarsia and then use Swiss darning (duplicate stitching) to add the outline, smile and eyes. Duck has a similar design but I haven’t started his yet.

Many pieces of jumper to sew together-just look at all those ends!

Other WIPs have included threading the salt dough ornaments. For my UK readers, Lidl are selling festive ribbons very cheaply, and patterned parcel tape which is really similar to Washi tape. (I had to exercise restraint earlier when going to Homebase, which is in the same shopping park!) The children hung them all on the tree very proudly.

My daughter also decided the Christmas tree was still a WIP and added a Gruffalo to it. Apparently he now lives there, occasionally changing branches and saying hello to the decorations!

What are you working on this week? Are you on a sprint to the Christmas finish line?

20 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. Nothing like crafting til the last possible moment, right?!
    I just finished up my last handcrafted gift this week — a large string art (have you seen those?) My fingers were smashed from the hammering of tiny nails, and then just as I was wrapping my last string on the state, my 2yr old (who should have been napping, and wasnt!) snuck up behind me with scissors and went SNIP.


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  2. Knitting design will get easier with time once you get your system down and find all the right tools to do it. You are brave taking on Intarsia. The knitter’s bane! Knitting for Christmas in December can get you in the festive spirit. Enjoy the rush!

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  3. I am pretty much Christmassed out now. What gets done, gets done. The rest is either tough luck or advance planning for next year (in my dreams)! Makes sense for the Gruffalo to hop about a bit. He can’t be caught napping, now can he?!

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      1. I am sure you will! I have faith in you. In myself not so much! I have a necklace and dino scoodie to finish by tomorrow, and then a balaclava, a scaff and a hat to finish by christmas day! I think i might just have to hand out 1 or two IOU’s

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