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A Kit Car(d)

As always I’ve left it late to make a card so a kit came to my rescue. Earlier this year I picked up a bundle of Docrafts Owl Folk papers and die cuts. They have come in handy a few times for various last minute cards so I knew where to turn in my hour of need.

I had a birthday card to whip up for a friend, and the Owl Folk range has a good selection of friendship based images and sentiments. I chose a decoupage image and, since it wasn’t going in the post, used up every single layer with as much foam tape as I could lay my hands on. It was a super 3D affair. I then cut off the fancy bits of a tag to make a greeting small enough to fit on my base card with the main image. (I had a bit of a play with layout and my usual overlapping methods didn’t work with inch deep decoupage!) 

The background was really tricky as all of the papers were just a bit too bold or similar to the decoupage and therefore didn’t give enough contrast for my liking. In the end I used the urban stamps and some sage green ink to stamp a background straight on to the white card. It’s not awesome, although I like the fact it is subtle but still links the images together.

The final step was embellishments. This was a Goldilocks type situation, gems were too sparkly, pearls were too fancy but orange buttons were just right! I arranged them in a way that I thought balanced out the white space. The style of the embellishments looks like it it’s about 7 years out of date but it works for this particular card so I guess that’s all that matters. 

It was a nice change to do something not Christmas related, but I really must learn that cards for December birthdays must be planned and made in about June. (The good news is the Owl Folk kit will keep me supplied with birthday cards until about 2040.)

Do you ever leave things until the last minute? How do you plan out your crafting to avoid these situations?

24 thoughts on “A Kit Car(d)

  1. That card is gorgeous! I must keep a lookout for kits like that as I’m always running out of bought cards that I keep on hand and I often end up making bodgy looking cards in such emergencies…so yeah, I do leave things to the last moment some time πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š

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  2. Actually I really like the background! The sage green is a great choice, subtle and ‘sympathetic’ (ok, a slightly yakky term!) to the decoupage. It is a lovely finished piece. And, like you, I always leave it late, or venture into belated birthday territory. I think it just one of those things. Plumbers often have the worst bathrooms because they are busy working elsewhere….

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  3. Do I ever leave anything to the last minute? DO I EVER! Only all the time.

    Fabulous card Mrs. C. I have some of the papers and a few bits and pieces, and they’re really lovely designs. I love the feather stamp you used on the background.
    GREAT make. ~ Cobs. x

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  4. I love those owls! I am going to look for them online.
    I leave it to the last minute often. I am talking about putting shoes on to go to the dinner last minute. I keep a pair of baskets in my crafting room. One has all kinds of blank cards and their envelopes and the other has all the embellishments in little baggies grouped by occasion. Keep a nice black pen and a book of sentiments that you can copy out of and boom! you have a card in less than 5 minutes.

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  5. What a beautiful card! I love all the layers. It’s good to make bulky cards when they are going to be handed. Sounds like you had a fun time making this one. It is great to see something not Christmas related, too πŸ˜‰ I often wait until it’s too late. Sometimes I am way early, too. I just have to find that happy medium πŸ˜‰ Great job on the card.

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