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Vintage Floral Card

This birthday card is a special one, for Mr C’s grandma’s birthday. She is 94 this year, and I thought it was a good opportunity to try out my floral stamps from Papercraft Inspirations magazine. I chose the hydrangea, using a base card that I had created using my DIY Embossing mask. I stamped it using…… Continue reading Vintage Floral Card

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Tutorial Tuesday-Squaring off Crochet Chevrons

Welcome to Tutorial Tuesday. This week we are looking at squaring off a chevron blanket. I’ve seen some beautiful examples where the points have been made into a feature, embellished with pom poms etc. For this blanket, though, I wanted a rectangle so I can add a border. These instructions are based on a blanket…… Continue reading Tutorial Tuesday-Squaring off Crochet Chevrons

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WIP Wednesday 18th January

Another week and nearly another part of Bluebird’s Granny is complete. I’ve got 4 rows of Granny stitches to do to finish it, the hexagons worked up really quickly so it was the borders that took ages. Because this blanket is a yarn eater I seem to be really getting through the parchment coloured one so I…… Continue reading WIP Wednesday 18th January

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Tutorial Tuesday-DIY Embossing Mask

Welcome to my second Tutorial Tuesday, this week’s is a papercrafting one. I subscribe to Papercraft Inspirations magazine, and this month the free gift was an embossing folder and heart shaped mask. I tried it out and was really impressed, but it also got me thinking. Since the mask is the thickness of a cutting…… Continue reading Tutorial Tuesday-DIY Embossing Mask


WIP Wednesday 11th January

It’s been a week jam packed with crochet (in between a sickness bug which wiped me out, cheers kids!) I’ve managed to complete Part 2 of Bluebird’s Granny, including the dreaded sewing in of ends. This was last Wednesday’s progress: By Friday it looked like this: And here it is today: The rows of patterned Granny…… Continue reading WIP Wednesday 11th January