WIP Wednesday

The first WIP Wednesday of 2017! It’s been quite a productive week, with two crochet projects on the go, one of which hasn’t seen the light of day since September.

The first  (and main) project is the Bluebird’s Granny CAL. Part 1 is complete now, and part 2 is coming along. When I saw it needed 11 squares the same I decided to set up a production line system. Once I’d made 2 whole squares I made the other 9 middles and managed round 2 of several of them. The colours aren’t to everyone’s taste but Mr C chose them! I’ve used aran yarn and part 1 is about 6ft long already. I suspect his request for a large blanket may be granted!

Above: part 1 completed Below: the start of part 2

The second project is my ‘car crochet’ project. It’s been in the dark for months as I took my Christmas craft projects in the car to get them all done. This is my daughter’s blanket, a chevron design using Ice Yarns magic lights. It’s perfect for the car as it’s so repetitive, and the yarn is self striping so there are no colour changes. I’ve added a couple more inches to it since Christmas when we’ve been out in the car visiting relatives. I need to crack on with it, otherwise it will need a very wide border to be large enough for my little girl, who is growing faster than the blanket.

What are you working on this week? 

I’m linking up with Janine at Rainbow Hare and her Wool on Sundays feature, pop over and see her beautiful crochet and mini hat!

40 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. I’ve got the Ice Yarns Magic lite too! And the exact same shades 😀 I’m in love with this particular hues. I haven’t yet decided what I want to make with them, though.. I had been contemplating the Rings of Change Blanket Pattern for this.

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    1. I’m going to have a look at that pattern now! The yarn has fairly long changes so it stripes quite nicely, even on the mermaid tail blanket it made with shells in it still gave lovely stripes. 😊


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