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Busting the January Blues

The new year is in full swing now, Christmas is well and truly over and the decorations are packed safely away in the loft. (Is it ok to feel a little bit relieved about the new found space and the ability to hoover absolutely everywhere again?)

I was sorely tempted to keep this little fella out.


However, Mr C says he definitely counts as a Christmas decoration so he’s got to go. I will miss his warm glow, and the starry pattern he makes when he has a candle lit inside him.

I can see why the January Blues exist-the festivities are over and everything seems so ‘ordinary’ now. (I know, it wouldn’t seem special if we had them up all year!) It reminded me of a Charlie and Lola book ‘Snow is my favourite and my best’, where Charlie persuades Lola that snow would not be as fun if we had it all of the time. (I’ve read this quite a few times in the last couple of weeks as my daughter told me it was a ‘Christmas’ book.) The darkness seems even more pronounced now we don’t have the extra lights, and driving to and from work in the dark makes me feel a bit like a vampire. Thank goodness for playground duty, it may be bitterly cold but the light and fresh air are very welcome.

In order to banish our family January blues (and take the kids out so Mr C could sleep as he was on a run of night shifts) I thought a trip to Belton House would be nice. A long walk around the grounds to tire out the children for a good night’s sleep before school started, and a chance to appreciate all that nature has to offer at this time of year seemed like such a marvellous plan. We located wellies, coats, gloves and an all in one suit for my daughter. The children helped prepare a packed lunch and we loaded the car with what felt like a fortnight’s worth of supplies. We had a fairly pleasant drive (given how much I dislike driving Mr C’s car) and found a parking space in spite of the slightly confusing signs. It was busy enough there with other people making the best of the last day or two of the holidays. We got a map from the kiosk and set off on our walk, taking the pushchair as I thought 3 miles was a bit ambitious for Little Miss and I didn’t fancy getting half way round and having to carry her.

Before we had even reached the start of the trail, my 2 year old daughter had fallen over, grazed under her chin and bitten her tongue. This was not a good start to cheering ourselves up! We cleaned her up (her big brother certainly steps into his role when his sister needs rescuing), and set off. She actually brightened up temporarily and they both posed for photos on top of a log and explored the woodland, looking out for deer too. Just as we approached the bottom of the hill she decided that she needed to go in the pushchair. The combination of her weight and rough terrain meant I got a thorough workout! At the top of the hill she began to cry (probably because she was cold and fed up after her fall). I looked and the map and determined that we were about half way around so getting back to the car was no easy task. We decided to carry on to finish the trail, with an attempt at top speed walking. There was little time for enjoying the walk, and I’m sure the golfers on the adjoining course were probably grateful for our speedy walking as her crying was ‘high pitched’ (new eardrums required). Eventually we reached the River Witham, though sadly we didn’t have time to take in the views as all of my attempts to placate Madam had failed (this mainly involved giving her bits of the packed lunch).

Eventually we arrived back at the car, feeling cold but not particularly refreshed or less blue! She fell asleep in the car, and my son ate his packed lunch in peace. I just wanted a cup of tea, but first I had to wrestle the muddy pushchair into the car boot without getting everything else dirty. There were some lovely parts of the day, such as them playing together before she fell over, although it has put me off taking them both out on my own for a little while.

Before it all went pear shaped, my son and I took this photo of the January sky, with the pale, watery sunlight barely breaking through the clouds. Somehow it still looks beautiful, maybe because there’s still the hope of spring on the horizon. It feels terribly far away, perhaps I’ll make the most of these dark days and keep on crocheting!

How do you banish the January blue? Are you missing the decorations?

31 thoughts on “Busting the January Blues

  1. Oh dear, poor little lamb! I hope she’s cheered up and better now, bless big bro for helping out too πŸ™‚
    I remember Belton being lovely in summer, although I haven’t been for a few years…

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  2. Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together?! I hate the first day that the decorations come down. But, due to now having four power cuts in a couple of months, there are strategic fairy lights on the stairs, with full permission to stay in place until the evenings get lighter and broken bones are avoided. Happy days!

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  3. Oh, Mrs. Craft, I love your little snowman, I would argue to Mr. C that he is a WINTER decoration, not specifically Christmas! I am glad you were motivated to go on an adventure with the wee ones, and sorry that perhaps it was more of a struggle than you had hoped. Know that other Moms have walked the same path, and I hope little Madam has a good time on the next adventure.

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  4. Some lovely memories being made for the future there! Your so sounds such a wonderful big brother πŸ’•. I love reading your blog and appreciating all the differences climate wise. It’s summer here and of course it’s the long school holidays too. I do remember a January outing a long time ago now when DD1 was 2 years old and screamed all the way around our Botanical gardens as my MiL and I pushed the stroller as fast as we could back to the car! 😳. My daughter got upset when we put her in the stroller for the long walk back to the carpark. Ah memories πŸ˜‰

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    1. Children have their moments don’t they! He is a great big brother most of the time. We have a fortnight off at Christmas, though this year it was barely that long.


  5. A most refreshing post, so easy to just remember the happiness of motherhood and to forget the slog it sometimes is. Hyacinths, get some hyacinths to fill your home with heady scent, and a bird feeder, then a mug of something warm and enjoy the birds from inside and the fragrance. Snowdrops will be here soon.

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    1. Thank you, I shall have to look for some hyacinths! Most days aren’t quite as bad as the one I wrote about, but you’re right, it’s easy to remember the good bits. 😊


  6. I hate taking Christmas decorations down but mainly because I love the lights. It’s so dull and dreary but fairy lights never fail to make me happy.

    The joys of taking the kids for a day out πŸ˜„ Even at 8 and 6 I won’t take my two out for an adventure on my own! There is always something that will tip one of them over the edge (both are autistic). To be honest these days it’s a battle to get them out their pj’s to do anything as they just want to sit around the house. Teenagers are getting younger!!!

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  7. awww.. I Can so feel for your daughter as she fell.. Biting our tongue very painful and the cold added to grazed knees.. Ouch!..
    Yes decorations long put away, and those blues like you are chased away with frosty morning walks…
    Have a good week Mrs C… Love and Hugs x

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  8. I love it when the decorations come down as I always miss my “space” that is taken up with the tree. The room seems bigger and things look back in place. I do, however, usually keep my dining room in full decoration as I have allocated that space as my “snowflake room”. Since winter decorations don’t count as Christmas (except at Christmas time), I leave them up longer. I do think your cute snowman would count as a “winter decoration” and it would have been nice to light a candle in him throughout winter. Just a thought for next year πŸ˜‰

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    1. Funny you should say that as the snowman is still out. I’ve not found and bubble wrap for him or the snow globe yet so they are still on the mantle piece as I didn’t want them to get smashed in the box.


      1. LOL! As long as he doesn’t bring snow πŸ˜‰ I have to admit..I have a little snowman jar that is out year around. There were 3 pieces to him; Hat, head and body. All made of glass. The body jar broke years ago and I just have not been able to toss him out. So he is kind of hidden on a shelf in the dining room and I do keep little trinkets inside him; buttons, coins, pins, lego pieces found over the years. He is sweet and my all year little friend.

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  9. Bless your daughters heart. I was releived to put away my Christmas since I had it up until the 10th of January due to the fact that I didnt have anyone to help me lift it to put it away. I miss my snowman collection though so I understand what you mean.

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