WIP Wednesday 11th January

It’s been a week jam packed with crochet (in between a sickness bug which wiped me out, cheers kids!) I’ve managed to complete Part 2 of Bluebird’s Granny, including the dreaded sewing in of ends.

This was last Wednesday’s progress:

By Friday it looked like this:

And here it is today:

The rows of patterned Granny stripe took ages as there were 72 trebles per row and on the alternating colour rows I had to switch colours for each group of trebles. I think it looks pretty though, even in those colours! So far this blanket has used almost 800g of aran yarn, and I’m only a third of the way through. If nothing else it will be warm.

I’ve just started part three but it’s not worthy of a photo just yet! I’m hoping this blanket will be all done before winter is over, but I could be pushing my luck.

What are you working on right now? Are you working on a long project or a shorter one? 

24 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday 11th January

  1. Love this, really nice.. I never learnt to crochet, thinking I might have a go. Have you ever tried needle felting? Hope you’re feeling better…ginger tea is always good for upset stomachs πŸ™‚

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  2. This choice of colors and stitch pattern are more than something to keep people warm. Actually, you should have a rule that it’s not for use and its job is to look pretty.

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    1. It’s not all that pretty to me, but Mr C asked for camouflage colours. I’ve enjoyed the challenge of choosing which colour for the background and trying to balance them all. I usually choose pinks and purples and so on. 😊


  3. Love this, I don’t envy you those multiple trebles, it’s looking great. , it going to be cold for a while yet am sure you will be finished soon !
    Am currently knitting a waistcoat which is growing fast , but need to start a small quilt which I’m thinking of adding applique , but we’ll see, is still in the planning stage.

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