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WIP Wednesday 18th January

Another week and nearly another part of Bluebird’s Granny is complete. I’ve got 4 rows of Granny stitches to do to finish it, the hexagons worked up really quickly so it was the borders that took ages.

I really can’t wait to sew in the ends, honest!

Because this blanket is a yarn eater I seem to be really getting through the parchment coloured one so I am using it more sparingly. The hexagons look OK in just the other 3 colours though so I’m happy.

I’d have got more done if I hadn’t spotted an error in part 2 and had to frog the multicoloured rows (which took half an hour each to do!) Somehow I’d added stitches at one end, probably because I was focusing on colour changes rather than where to place the first stitch of that row! It’s all sorted now thank goodness. 

I’ve also worked more on my daughter’s blanket, I think I have another 30cm to go. I haven’t taken a new photo as it doesn’t look any different to last time!

That’s it for now, I’m hoping for a good week of crochet to try and get part 4 done (at least partially, it looks complicated).

What are you working on? Have you got a long term project on the go? If so, how do you keep yourself interested in it?

14 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday 18th January

  1. I keep myself interested by knitting or crocheting something else.My crocheted afghan with hexagons, until yesterday, was left unworked on for a year, all abandoned in a dark, deep box. A year later it is interesting to work on again!

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    1. I think Mr C will disown me if I make him wait a year for his blanket. 😂 But thank you for the tip, I will look for a mini project as I think I need the satisfaction of seeing a finished object.


  2. I certainly can hear you there! That’s why I don’t often promise afghans to people. On the other hand, promising afghans to people gets the afghans done faster which is also nice. In our house afghans are hanging around for any cold person to hide under as needed. A hat this time of year is an excellent mini project. I’ve been thinking about casting on a hat or crocheting one. When I decide which craft I’ll dive into my stash for a skein.

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    1. We haven’t yet got a large afghan in our house, so this one is a first. It’s also going to go on our caravan holidays, so I definitely want it finished. A hat sounds a good idea, either that or some Amigurumi which I tend to finish fast. I’ll have a dig for patterns to see what I fancy, thanks.

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  3. Both of your blankets are looking great! I am currently cross stitching Fairy letter “O” in my JOY series. I don’t have a big project in the works. I am itching to knit or crochet. I have plans for a crocheted blanket. It has granny square type blocks, so I think that is keeping me from it. I’ve never done it before. My crochet skills are not the greatest. But I do enjoy it when I do it. So that will be a big project for me when I get it started.

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  4. Both blankets are beautiful. I am currently working on a graduation patch work afghan for my daughter and then lots of baby projects for my daughter and niece. Today I started the 5 special gifts for facebook friends. This is going to be a busy 2017! Making people happy is what keeps me interested.

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