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Tutorial Tuesday-Squaring off Crochet Chevrons

Welcome to Tutorial Tuesday. This week we are looking at squaring off a chevron blanket. I’ve seen some beautiful examples where the points have been made into a feature, embellished with pom poms etc. For this blanket, though, I wanted a rectangle so I can add a border. These instructions are based on a blanket made using Bella Coco’s chevrons, which have 11 stitches per side of each chevron. My tutorial could easily be adapted for chevrons made using any odd number though. 

You will need

Spare yarn to match your project  (this is a great chance to use up oddments!)

Crochet hook 

Darning needle



You will start at the right hand peak of one of your chevrons. Each one is filled in individually so you may end up with a few ends to sew in but the effect is worth it. At the peak you have three stitches worked into the top stitch of the row below. You need to work into the stitch at the left of the peak, which is marked in the photo. 

Begin your row at the marked stitch

Row 1 Make 11 double crochet (US single) stitches including the starting one (I began with a standing double), skip 2 stitches at the trough of the chevron and then make 11 more dc back up the other side. Turn but do not chain 1.

Row 2 Skip the first stitch (at the base of the loop-see photo) make 9 dc, skip 2, 9 dc. Turn, again not chaining one.

Skip the marked stitch

Row 3 Skip the first stitch again and work into the second, 7 dc, skip 2, 7 dc. Turn, do not chain one.

Row 4 Skip the first stitch, make 5 dc, skip 2, 5dc. Turn, do not chain one.

Row 5 Skip the first stitch, make 3 dc, skip 2, 3 dc. Turn, do not chain one.

Row 6 Skip the first stitch, make 1 dc, skip 2, make 1 dc and fasten off.

Repeat for every chevron you want to fill in. This works at both ends of the blanket, you just work into your foundation chain stitches at the bottom end. 

To fill in the ‘corners’.

Start in the same place on the final chevron as in all of the others.

Row 1 dc 11, skip 1, dc 2. Chain 1 and turn.

Row 2 2dc, skip 1, dc 9. Turn, do not chain 1 

Row 3 7 dc, skip 1, 2 dc. Chain 1 and turn.

Row 4 2 dc, skip 1, 5 dc. Turn, do not chain 1

Row 5 3 dc, skip 1, 2 dc. Chain 1 and turn

Row 6 2 dc, skip 1, 1 dc. Turn, do not chain 1

Row 7 1 dc, skip 1, 1 dc. Chain 1 and turn.

Row 8 1 dc into remaining stitch and fasten off

Darn in the ends and you’re all done, ready to add a border!

I hope you’ve found this useful, if you try it let me know how you get on.

16 thoughts on “Tutorial Tuesday-Squaring off Crochet Chevrons

  1. This is very cool! I’ll think about this when I get my afghan made out of hexagons done. The edges leave empty trapezoid spaces and I can’t decide if I want an edge with trapezoidal openings (in which case I’d foundation crochet over the spaces) or fill them in. This will be useful when I get there! Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, I like the pointy effect too but I want to add a white border to look like clouds around the rainbow colours and thought it’d be easier on a rectangle. 😊


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